Heiko’s World | Heikos Welt

Heiko’s World” (German title: “Heikos Welt“) is a feature film by Dominik Galizia about the Berlin cult cat Heiko. The character of Heiko, embodied by Martin Rohde, first appeared in the music video „Nettelbeckplatz“ by Shacke One (published on the YouTube channel of the Berlin hip-hop label Nordachse). The appeal of the character to fans was enormous, resulting in the YouTube series “Heikos Welt“, in which Heiko does everyday things for the little man: he eats currywurst, goes bowling, plays badminton, makes Bolognese, …

Over the years, Heiko developed into a cult figure. Hundreds of thousands of clicks and a large following later, according to the director, something bigger was needed: a feature film that would turn Heiko’s charming world with all its colourful facets into a big whole. And so Martin Rohde, who had no acting ambitions before Heiko, suddenly became a film actor who was even awarded the New German Cinema Award at the Filmfest Munich 2021 for his acting performance in “Heiko’s World“.


Heiko’s mother Belinda suffers from keratoconus, a rare condition of the cornea. She is gradually losing her sight and could soon go completely blind if she is not given treatment. Belinda’s eyesight could be restored with the cornea of a deceased donor – but such a transplant costs a lot of money, and the health insurance does not cover it.

For Heiko, this is the beginning of an odyssey through the Berlin pub world: in order to raise the money for his mother’s operation, he faces the best dart players in town, at first reluctantly, but then with growing ambition, euro by euro. They, however, pursue completely different plans and thus draw Heiko into a spiral of madness that he could not have imagined before.

Heiko’s World“ is a wacky, loving ode to – and odyssey through – Berlin’s corner pubs with their very own fauna of original characters, full of unexpected twists and turns, and with a main character who grows on us on his beer-soaked hero’s journey.

About director Dominik Galizia

Dominik Galizia was born in Trier in 1988. At the age of 18, he moved to Paris to work as a stunt choreographer at Disneyland in the Paris area.

Since childhood, cinema has been his greatest passion, so in 2010 he decided to move to Berlin to become a director. Music videos became his film school, here he learned everything there is to know about the creative process of filmmaking and realised his first own projects: in addition to numerous music videos, he shot several short films and prepared his feature film debut.

At the age of 26, he shot his first, completely independently financed feature film “Figaro’s Wolves” (German title: “Figaros Wölfe“), for which he acted as screenwriter, producer and director. “Figaro’s Wolves” premiered at the Fantasy Filmfest in Berlin in September 2017.

Heiko’s World“ is his second feature film, it celebrated its acclaimed premiere at Filmfest Munich in summer 2021.

Filmography (Selection)

2021 Heiko’s Welt – Fiction film
2017 Figaros Wölfe – Fiction film
2014 Mondo Strano – Short film
2013 Soulmate – Short film

Director’s statement by Dominik Galizia

“„Heiko’s World“ is a film about beer, darts and motherly love. It was important to me to portray these three topics as authentically as possible without taking myself too seriously.

The centre of this world: Berlin cult figure Heiko in his first leading role. A comedy balancing humour and tragedy, Mama’s cosy nest and pub, sweat and tears, beer and Futschis.

The focus is on helping in times of need and the unconditional bond between mother and son. Heiko tries everything to help his beloved mother somehow, without initially having a concrete plan of how he is going to do it. But it is precisely this positive incentive, his big heart and his hard-drinking liver that are the three most important components in his adventure.”

Original title: Heikos Welt

Writer & director: Dominik Galizia

Cast: Martin Rohde, Leyla Roy, Heike Hanold-Lynch, Hans-Jürgen Alf, Franz Rogowski, Dieter Weichbrodt, Werner Böhnke, Detlef Rothermund, Shacke One, Molockk Dilemma, Gerdy Zint, Herlod Vomeer

Producer: Dominik Galizia

Executive producer: Alexander Schoeller

Cinematography: Elias C.J. Köhler

Editing: Daniel Kundrat

Sound: Nico Berthold, Andy Schlegel

Sound engineer: Ludwig Bestehorn

Head lighting: Joël Kinast

Visual Effects: Bastian Schreitling

Scene design: Philipp Droste

Makeup: Mandy Sossmann

Styling: Tanina Holz

Music (Score): Andy Schlegel

Production management: Thomas Otto

Assistant director: Sven Pfizenmaier


Production companies: Alexander Schoeller Production, Mutter & Vater Filmproduktion

Year of production: 2021

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Country: Germany

Language: German

Subtitle: English


Length: 118 Min

Rating: FSK 12

Aspect ratio: 2.4 : 1

Sound: Surround 5.1, Stereo 2.0

Resolution: digital 4K

Other title:

English: Heiko’s World


2021 Filmfest Munich: “New German Cinema Award” as best actor -> Martin Rohde

2021 Achtung Berlin: “Prize of the most audience-attracting film” -> Heikos Welt

Film label: Darling Berlin

Distribution: UCM.ONE

Theatrical start: May 26, 2022

Martin Rode as Heiko

Martin Rohde became known to a larger audience through the YouTube series “Heikos Welt“, whose “one-man ensemble” consists of Martin alias Heiko. He first appeared as Heiko in the music video “Nettelbeckplatz” by Shacke One. The appeal that this simple, funny, very kind character, who always seems to be slightly drunk, had among fans was enormous.

This resulted in the YouTube series in which Heiko goes about the everyday things of the common man: he eats currywurst, goes bowling, plays badminton, makes bolognese, … A man of the people. Friendly, with a childlike naivety and above all one thing: authentic. Over the years, Heiko has become a cult figure with a loyal following, and he also adorns the likeness of the beer brand Nordberliner Pils. Martin Rohde is also an integral part of Nordachse, an artist collective from Berlin.

Hundreds of thousands of clicks and a large following later, there had to be something bigger, something for eternity: a film that turns Heiko’s charming world with all its colourful facets into one big whole. And so Martin Rohde became a film actor who was even awarded the New German Cinema Promotion Prize at the Munich Film Festival 2021 for his acting performance in the feature film „Heiko’s World“.

The jury on the New German Cinema Award in the acting category for Martin Rohde:

“,Heiko’s World“ is in many ways an unusual film and Martin Rohde is the ‘primus inter pares’ of a wonderful ensemble of sad and valiant losers, of bizarre individuals who fought unselfishly against cold, poverty, humiliation, and loneliness. They fought for the vestige of a dream and hope for a better life.

Heiko would do anything for his mother (played magnificently by Heike Hanold-Lynch), except that in the process he digs himself deeper and deeper into a hole, is cheated and betrayed. This is tragic and bitter, but Martin Rohde manages a fine balancing act that lends his character dignity and wit. Heiko remains calm, very calm – ‘Heiko will take care of it, Mama!’ – but whenever he says this, we know it won’t go well. He will get his revenge, though – in his own way, with outsize tennis strokes, but more importantly with exceptional technique when playing darts.

And this is how this perpetual loser, this pitiful and annoying survivor, becomes a minor winner through his great victory at darts in the pubs of Berlin. The way Martin Rohde plays it, unpretentious, precise, touching, witty, and with a convincing affinity for the world of darts, the sausage stands and corner pubs and the people who frequent them — we think it’s absolutely worth seeing.”

Leyla Roy as Jadefuchs

Leyla Roy is a French-Austrian actress, born in Paris, raised in Vienna, and fluent in German, English and French. She graduated from the Ècole du Jeu acting school in Paris and took singing lessons in jazz for a year.

Since 2016 she has been involved in several film productions in Vienna, Paris and Berlin, most recently taking on the female lead in the feature film “Heiko’s Word“.

Heike Hanold-Lynch as Heiko’s mother Belinda

Heike Hanold-Lynch grew up in West Berlin, stood on her own two feet from the age of 16 and lived in New York for ten years from the age of 21, where she studied acting and acting coaching. Homesick, she returned to Berlin in the mid-1990s and initially worked for numerous German film productions with the actors on set. This gave rise to her own methodological approach, about which she has also written a book.

Since 2009, Heike Hanold-Lynch has been using her versatility more frequently as an actress and has enjoyed more and more, also international, film and TV engagements in recent years. She continues to support some well-known actors in the development of their roles.

Heiko's World | Trailer (German) [with English subtitles] ᴴᴰ

Press quotes

“Pure cinema!” (Filmdienst)

“A delightful experience. One is completely enveloped by this film!” (Kino Zeit)

“A drama with a Berlin snout and a lot of heart. Wonderful!” (3sat)

“Not a film, but an experience!” (arteschock)


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