The thriller “Darlings” by the directing and writing team Lea de Boor and Steffen Maurer will be released by UCM.ONE on the Darling Berlin label in the course of 2024 and will also be distributed worldwide.

The independent production, a co-production of the Berlin film school filmArche and the Berlin film production company Ultimaratiofilm, is a mixture of thriller and drama and deals with hidden power mechanisms between men and women and escalating violence in romantic relationships


27-year-old Lena (Thea Rasche), an open-minded primary school teacher from Berlin, accompanies her 29-year-old boyfriend Ole (Paul Boche) together with his brother Lasse (Tom Böttcher) to the village of his childhood and youth. But what initially feels like a relaxing break away from the noise of everyday life in the city soon puts their relationship to an existential test: in the old environment, characterised by emotional barrenness, Ole changes and reveals traits previously unknown to Lena, which not only call the relationship into question, but also become increasingly dangerous for Lena.

The film raises many questions that everyone knows from their own relationships: What compromises do we make? What does the future together look like and when is it better to just let go? And what happens when escalation becomes inevitable and physical and physical violence breaks out?

Darlings” is based on a 20-page script and was developed in an intensive rehearsal process with the actors before and during filming – this way of working gave the director the opportunity to reveal the inner worlds of the protagonists in a noticeably authentic and undisguised way. Although conceived as a genre film, “Darlings” sees itself in the tradition of Berlin Mumblecore and thus continues this special series of films curated by Darling Berlin.

Film data

Directors: Lea De Boor, Steffen Maurer
Screenplay: Lea De Boor, Steffen Maurer
Producer: Lea De Boor, Steffen Maurer, Robert Zimmermann
Cast: Thea Rasche, Paul Boche, Tom Böttcher, Ina-Lene Dinse, Felix Maria Zeppenfeld, Malte Thomsen, Matthias Gärtner, Rana Farahani, Leon Hoge. Matthias Lamp
Cinematography: Manuel Ruge
Editing: Jessica Rudolph
Sound: Paulina Albrecht
Makeup: Fu Okamura
Music: Robert Zimmermann
Country: Deutschland
Year of productionr: 2023
Production companies: Berliner Filmschule filmArche, Ultimaratiofilm
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Lenght: 76 Min (24 FPS)
Language: German
Subtitles: English
Aspect Ratio: 2,39:1 (22:9) / (2048×858)
Sound: 5:1; Stereo
Rating: FSK 12 (requestedt)


Darlings” celebrated its world premiere on April 14, 2023 at the achtung berlin – the berlin film award 2023 festival.


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