Soultribe – A Dance of Life:

The film “Soultribe – A Dance of Life” by Stefan Reiner touches the viewer with its authentic actors, who openly present their own inner and outer development story with all its doubts, setbacks and at the same time the courage to take big steps, thus inspiring the viewer to go their own way.


The shared journey of visionaries, artists and entrepreneurs Stefan and Jenny, Patrick and Johanna and Maik and Dunja repeatedly reveals major hurdles and setbacks that have to be overcome – such as the balancing act between family life, partnership, gender roles and professional projects as well as creative individual fulfilment. The protagonists’ inner conflict between social expectations and the pressure to earn money, as well as the desire for a free-flowing life without boundaries, is also addressed.

Soultribe – A Dance of Life” portrays the authentic story of how three young families got to know each other and the shared and individual hero’s journey of three young families who inspire, support and lift each other to their potential as companions. The film also shows the power of individual expression, joy and community and inspires viewers to follow their own path in life.

Soultribe – a dance of life” is a story based on true events that inspires, makes you think and at the same time gives you hope.

The film can be seen in a lot of cinemas, See you – at the cinema.

Development of the film (by Stefan Rainer)

“The original idea for the film was to make a documentary about three families in a lifestyle format and to show ourselves as we are. A lot of the film was to be created from the moment and at the same time be professional. The demands on ourselves were high and so was the joy of getting involved in something new. The further the project progressed in the planning stage, the more it became clear that in order to be able to shoot the scenes from several perspectives, we also needed predetermined dialogues so that the protagonists could repeat the dialogues immediately and a change of perspective of the cameras was possible with just a few cameramen and the available equipment. So we set about writing the script. For me as a filmmaker, a lot of it was new territory and a huge challenge. I received support from Dunja Burghardt and Michael Mack.”

Original title: Soultribe

Alternative original title: Soultribe – Ein Tanz des Lebens

Director: Stefan Rainer

Co-Director: Maik Burghardt

Screenplay: Stefan Rainer, Dunja Burghardt, Michael Mack

Cast: Stefan Rainer, Jenny Rainer, Maik Burghardt, Dunja Burghardt, Patrick SEOM Kammerer, Johanna Heizmann, Diana Glück, Winnie Lindel, Alexander Kühn, Katrin Seibold, Maya Rainer, Elon Rainer, Finn Heizmann, Mira Breuer, Leni Breuer, Jan Gaertig, Falko Rößner, Michael Swoboda

Producer: Maik Burghardt, Stefan Rainer

Cinematography: Stefan Rainer, Maik Burghardt

Technical departement: Stefan Rainer, Maik Burghardt, Jenny Biedermann, Peter Moser, Mario Breuer, Matthias Preußner

Editing: Stefan Rainer

Colorgrading: Stefan Rainer

Sound: Falko Rößner


Countries: Austria, Germany

Language: German

Year of production : 2023

Genres: Aventure, Drama, Music


Lenght: 111 Min

Aspect ratio: 2.39:1 CineScope

Resolution: 4096 x 1716 (4K)

Sound: Surround 5.1

Rating: FSK 0

Premiere Germany: November 05, 2023 at the Mathäser Filmpalast in Munich

Premiere Austria: December 06, 2023 at the Hollywood Megaplex Gasometer in Vienna

Film label: Artkeim²

Theatrical distribution: UCM.ONE

Theatrical release: November 02, 2023

Stefan Rainer went on to report on the making of the film: “In January 2022, a trip to Mexico was planned with the aim of shooting music videos for one of the protagonists – Patrick Kammerer alias SEOM. Since Maik Burghardt, who plays in the film, was also on the trip, it made sense to integrate this trip into the film and so Mexico became part of the story. At this point, the script was at an intermediate stage and far from finished. More and more we discovered a kind of exchange, healing and co-creation in screenwriting. Whereas at the beginning the aim was to have a final script in our hands as quickly as possible, we became more and more certain that screenwriting is also a parallel process. Sometimes I would write scenes the same morning and then shoot them the same afternoon.

At the same time, I also realised how important it is to keep at it so that results are also visible in all this becoming. The actual filming started in August 2022. It was now clear that the documentary was also a feature film – a film about our own lives. Producing a feature film was new for all of us, as no one really had any previous acting experience – even for me, as I had mainly filmed documentaries and adverts before.

The biggest challenge and at the same time the greatest potential for development was to show ourselves really honestly and authentically in the different scenes and to “play” ourselves. In a way, we also benefited from the many challenges of everyday life, which sometimes allowed us to shoot in such a tight time slot that we didn’t have to act out our emotions. And since we were still in this role in everyday life anyway, it was a lot easier than we thought.

By playing our own role, we also had the chance to observe our own behavioural patterns from a new perspective and it was easier for us to step out of these patterns. At the same time, we were able to recognise ourselves more and more in others and understand that everyone is confronted with similar issues. Overall, the film was probably the biggest challenge that we have all mastered together so far. In the process, we have grown incredibly together and each individual has surpassed themselves. Our message with this film is to inspire and invite other people to embark on their own journey, to follow their own hearts, to recognise themselves in others and yet to be whole themselves. How important the soul tribe is – the togetherness and togetherness on many levels – is also important.”


Johanna Heizmann

Johanna Heizmann grew up as the youngest daughter of a theologian and a nurse with three siblings. As social interaction and being there for each other were important values in her family, she decided to train as an occupational therapist in 2010 and worked in various rehabilitation centres for a total of six years.

During this time, she also met her partner Patrick Kammerer and supported him in making a living from his music. As a freelancer, Johanna supported Seom at concerts and together they created seminars on the topics of self-love and personal development. She lives her own creativity through painting and filming. Travelling has also become an important part of her life.

She has been mum to a wonderful son since 2020 and is now accompanying him on his journey. In their joint “At Home” podcast, Johanna and Seom take time to talk about parenthood, the art of leading a happy life and finding balance again and again.

Patrick SEOM Kammerer

SEOM” (real name: Patrick Kammerer) was born in Germany in 1983 and wrote his first lyrics and original songs at the age of around 14. As the son of a meditation teacher and an alternative practitioner & personal coach, he grew up with spiritual knowledge from an early age. His loving parents showed him ways of meditation and mindfulness exercises at an early age.

SEOM has been releasing his music under his own label since 2018. By founding his own record label “SEOM MUSIC“, he decided to live his dreams with full freedom on all levels.

He has released a total of 25 albums and 5 books. Together with his community, he created the successful “Pirate Guerilla” podcast, which reached number 2 in the German Spotify and iTunes charts in the “Spirituality” category in April 2021. The video views on YouTube are well over 10 million.

The large network of companions is what makes SEOM‘s vision so great. Shared livestreams, social media groups, online courses and gigantic events connect this network ever more deeply. Always full of S-sensitivity, E-energy, O-orientation and M-ut (Mut is the German word or Courage).

Jenny Rainer

Jenny Rainer was born in Germany in 1982 and has lived in Austria for 14 years. After training as an occupational therapist, she specialised in working with children and young people. During her first pregnancy, she and her partner Stefan became increasingly interested in the topic of “free learning” and visited several independent schools to deepen their knowledge of the subject.

In 2017, she completed her training as a painting and design therapist. Her second child was born in 2019. During her maternity leave, Jenny was increasingly able to recognise her own inner voice and follow her heart.

She quit her permanent job, started working creatively again and has been offering workshops for children and teenage girls on the topic of building the heart since 2022. Her daughter Maya now accompanies Jenny in her first years of school at home.

Stefan Rainer

Stefan Rainer was born in Austria in 1987. In his youth, he developed a passion for film and movement, which has continued to develop over the years.

He founded his own film production company in 2011 and has since realised countless projects and several cinema films. The film “Boundless Life” won over 10 awards at various international festivals.

Stefan has been practising martial arts since his childhood and has been involved in various forms of movement such as parkour, freerunning and tricking.

In 2013, he trained as a Yiquan teaching coach (Yiquan is a Chinese healing and martial art) and finally created his own movement programme, Boundless Movement, in 2020.

This is a form of natural and conscious movement to strengthen body and mind in equal measure. He has also been offering Boundless Movement Trainer training since 2023.


2012 Breath
2020 Boundless Life
2023 Soultribe – A Dance to Life

Dunja Burghardt

Dunja Burghardt was born in Germany in 1980. After studying business administration, she worked in a public financial institution, gained insights into PR and communications work in industry and founded her own creative agency with her husband Maik Burghardt in 2007. Her talent lies in taking life as it comes and quickly empathising with people and situations. This path eventually led her to moderation within her own companies, as well as at events in the field of future design and cinema. Her interest in topics such as sustainability, spirituality and a living, breathing economy has remained unbroken ever since.

In times when events were not possible, the film platform COSMIC-CINE.TV brought about new ways of creativity, humanity and living together.

Maik Burghardt

Using the power of films to strengthen the self, make stories more tangible and take the viewer on a journey is the aim of COSMIC-CINE.TV – a young streaming platform co-founded by Maik Burghardt.

Born in Germany in 1980, after studying business administration he first worked in a public financial institution and then in an advertising agency before founding his own creative agency in 2007. From customer service to graphics, photography and moving images, his heart beats for beauty in detail.

Close to nature, even the smallest creature is allowed to become visible. In 2015, he founded the film production company treibholzfilm. He has been fascinated by the creative art in films as well as the great cinema film since his childhood – technology and digital ways as well. From 2011 to 2020, he organised the Cosmic Cine Film Festival in co-creation with cinema, filmmakers and artists. Maik Burghardt has arrived at COSMIC-CINE.TV.

There is room to pass on the message in spiritual films, to actively help shape conscious media consumption and to develop one’s own skills together as a team.

Excerpt from the interview

with director Stefan Rainer & moderator Alexander Kühn

Alexander Kühn: “(…) The film could serve as a blueprint for other families who are struggling with similar problems. Have you already received any feedback from viewers?”

Stefan Rainer: “(…) We presented the trailer a few times and the response was positive. We’ve also received a lot of feedback that many people can identify with it. That was very touching. And that was also our intention, to really show the scenes from everyday life as they are and not to embellish them, but to really portray life. Our aim was to encourage people. (…) It’s not important that everything just goes by itself at some point, but to really face these challenges, because that’s how you grow.”

Alexander Kühn: “The film portrays a kind of transformation that has already begun in society and for many people. (…) From the old structures to the new structures. That you do more of the things professionally that you like and that you love. (…) Have you already achieved that for yourself or are you still in the process yourself?”

Stefan Rainer: “I think it’s a lifelong process and lifelong learning. (…) One topic is: how can I realise my vocation for myself without being in a classic employee context? (…) The film shows our path, how we have managed to follow our vision so far.”

Alexander Kühn: “(…) These setbacks that appear in the film, did they really happen to you?”

Stefan Rainer: “The film is more or less a factual report. (…) Everything you see in the film really happened. It really is the story of our lives.”

Alexander Kühn: “How did you come to become a filmmaker in the first place?”

Stefan Rainer: “For me, it’s also a way of new times. I’ve always enjoyed making films, even when I was young. (…) That’s how I was able to gain my first experience. (…) Together with a friend, I came up with little stories and filmed them myself. That grew over time. When I was 18, we started filming the outdoor activities that you can do here in Austria: Paragliding, skiing, mountain biking, mountaineering, climbing. This resulted in the first film. The film was well received at the screening and then the first customers came, tourism associations, smaller companies, and asked if I could also make promotional films/image clips for them. (…)

It was never actually planned to have a film production. (…) I had a lot of fun and that’s how the job came about. I never trained in this field (…) and my customers don’t care, they want to see a good end product. I think in the future it will be less and less important what training and certificates we have, but rather what we can do and contribute and how we can serve humanity. (…) Anything you enjoy doing, you get good at it over time and then success comes naturally.”

Alexander Kühn: “How did your second project, the movement concept ‘boundless movement’, come about?”

Stefan Rainer: “Sport has always been very important to me. Movement is so much more than just sport. (…) Movement is part of life. (…) You can lead a healthy life without sport, but not without movement. It is crucial for me that we bring movement back into life. (…) The urge to move is inherent in all of us. At some point in school, we lose this urge to move because we are forced to sit still for long periods of time. (…) We hardly move any more. (…) The fitness industry presents us with certain idealised images. This no longer has anything to do with the original joy of movement. But it’s about discovering the joy of movement and incorporating the mental and emotional aspects holistically. (…).”

Alexander Kühn: “You live in a very idyllic location in the mountains near a forest, does that do something to you when you live in nature?”

Stefan Rainer: “Definitely. I believe that we humans don’t just need nature, we are part of nature. And if we lose our connection to nature, we also lose our connection to ourselves. (…) A few hours of peace and quiet in seclusion simply does a lot for people when they can reconnect with themselves and regain their balance. (…) Children need movement and space so that they can develop. If we only ever move in an artificial environment, we lose some of our natural movement skills. (…) The good news is that our bodies can adapt throughout our lives and mobility can be restored. (…) Exercise, like our diet, must be varied.”

The full-length interview is available in German at

The film can be seen in a lot of cinemas, See you – at the cinema.

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Soultribe - An unforgettable evening at the premiere in Munich


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Comments on the film

“This film invites people to rediscover their own vitality.” (Gerald Hüther neurobiologist & author / Academy for Potential Development)

“This film encourages people to start their own life adventure.” (Catharina Roland Director & Earthkeeper / Living Earth)

“A beautiful, very touching film.” (Thomas Schmelzer presenter & media companion / Mystica.TV)

“A new kind of film, without any violence.” (Caroline Wendt Head of Acquisitions & Sales / polyband Medien GmbH – Mind & Spirit)


🎬 Successful premiere of the film “Soultribe – A Dance of Life” by Stefan Rainer in Munich

The moving cinema premiere of “Soultribe – A Dance of Life” by director and producer Stefan Rainer on 5 November at the Mathäser Filmpalast and Gloria Palast in Munich inspired and touched the audience in the sold-out cinema auditorium and ended with standing ovations for the protagonists present and at the same time the makers…


🎬 Theatrical release of “Soultribe”. Premiere at Munich’s Mathäser and Glorias Filmpalast

This week the film “Soultribe” by Stefan Rainer will be released in German cinemas. The official premiere will take place on Sunday, 5 November 2023, at 5 pm at the Mathäser and at 5.30 pm at the Gloria Filmpalast in Munich. The 5pm screening is sold out. There are still remaining tickets for the Gloria…