In 2013 Boris Brejcha released his fourth album. A long player (in two parts) that consciously shows how versatile the artist works. Sometimes hovering slightly, sometimes wildly flapping the wing, always full of passion. The influences of his travels and performances shaped his art again and again. “Feuerfalter” was the name of the epic work (Part 01 / 2013) (Part 02 / 2014). A fascinating title for Boris Brejcha‘s version of techno: On the one hand, the copper butterfly can let itself be carried relaxed by the wind, but on the other hand, it also launches a nosedive or low flight with steam and fire. That’s how it feels when Brejcha makes music. The fourth album is a kind of review of Boris Brejcha‘s already impressive career.

The album is music that can accompany its listeners throughout the day: at home, in a relaxed atmosphere or at night when they go to the clubs. His tracks sound diverse. The individuality is turned even further on “Feuerfalter“. Brejcha even takes up the wish of his fans at the time to weave a few quieter tracks into his cosmos.

Here is the legendary Part 01 by “Feuerfalter” from the year as a remastered 2xCD Digipak including a DJ mix by Boris Brejcha himself. Here is the 2022 “Feuerfalter (Part 01) [Deluxe Edition]“.

Pre-sale: 2xCD “Boris Brejcha – Feuerfalter (Part 01) [Deluxe Edition]:

Boris Brejcha – Feuerfalter (Part 01) [Deluxe Edition]

(2xCD Digipak inkl. DJ Mix by Boris Brejcha)



01. Frequenzfett (Remastered)
02 .Dark Planet (Remastered)
03. Be F.L.A.M.E. (Remastered)
04. The Madness (Remastered)
05. I Will Blast Your Mind (Remastered)
06. Paniklevel (Remastered)

07. Aussenluftdeckenstrahler (Remastered)
08. Tonight: Freak Out (Remastered)
09. Feuerfalter (Remastered)

01. Feuerfalter Part 01 DJ Mix By Boris Brejcha

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all tracks are remastered. The 2xCD Digipak incl. a DJ mix by Boris Brejcha can be pre-ordered at Bandcamp or our Shop and will be available in stores everywhere from May 27th 2022.

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