The trumpeter Rike Huy and the violinist Joosten Ellée are both classically trained musicians. One from “early music”, the other from “new music”, both share a passion for cool electronic music and dark cinematic narratives. In 2015 they met at the Lucerne Festival and worked together for the first time for the score for the film “Live” by director Lisa Charlotte Friederich

A soundtrack with atmospheric electronic sounds and virtuoso trumpet sounds was created for the dystopian world of “Live“. “Live”, often referred to as the “film of the hour”, tells a world in lockdown, in which human gatherings of any kind are prohibited. The siblings Claire and Aurel set out to play an illegal live concert in front of a physically present audience. 

The script was written in 2016, long before the corona-induced lockdown 2020. The film’s visionary power is carried by a soundtrack with a pull, whose relentless beats and brilliant trumpet solos get under your skin.

Rike Huy

Joosten Ellée

Press quotes that mention the music:

“What is most impressive is the successful combination of music and film dramaturgy. It is the outstanding film composition that develops a great force and, as part of the cinematic plot, actually complements and artistically expands the image level. This is to be emphasized as a special merit of the musician and co-producer Rike Huy.” (from the jury’s statement of the main prize Lichter Film Festival)

“… a soundtrack with a pull …!” (Stephan Müller, Deutschlandfunk Kultur)

“… and the soundtrack that gets under your skin throughout convey an atmosphere of anxiety and constant fear. Above all, the music should be emphasized.” (Sophie Brakemeier, Filmlöwin)

Live | Kino Trailer (deutsch) ᴴᴰ

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