Mexico’s poster child and house hero Gabriel Sordo needs no introduction. This guy has earned his impressive reputation with releases on various renowned labels. And if you’re always familiar with this guy’s music you’ll be pleased to learn about his new album called “Llama Doble“.

Since this guy seems to have a ton of groove in his DNA it is no surprise that his album is a real relevation for all us groove addicts out there.After a smooth introduction with the opening track “Edad Media” riddled with airy vibes followed by “Efimera” with its swinging percussion elements Gabriel slowly ups the tempo.

When you listen to “Luminaria“, “Osio Vertical “or “Estimulos” featuring Mike D. you will immediately see why wizards like Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler regularly support Gabriel Sordo‘s music.

The ability to make his tracks sound so complete and heady while keeping them very puristic at the same time seems to be his secret recipe. And boy we love it. Tracks like “Seda“, “Sonido Central” and “Boys” with its cavalier, cool and sexy approach will make this album being played up and down around the globe and push Sordo’s popularity even further. “Llama Doble” is incredibly homogeneous and yet it never gets boring but instead every track is a new call for some serious hip moving. But enough said, simply get your own fix!

Gabriel Sordo - Llama Doble (Plastic City) Albumteaser

Gabriel Sordo - Efimera (Plastic City) Teaser

Gabriel Sordo - Migracion Pantera (Plastic City) Teaser

Gabriel Sordo - Dietetico (Plastic City) Teaser