Lotte” by Julius Schultheiß is the fourth film at the online festival Darling, Berlin! Berlin, Sayang! Berlin, Teerak! The film tells the story of Lotte. She is direct and edgy, while gracious and above all equipped with a metropolitan Schnodderschnauze. With all these qualities she is constantly in love with her colleagues, girlfriends and even her boyfriend. He throws them out and Lotte is standing in the street – from now on busy to find a place to stay. One night, Lotte meets Marcel, an almost forgotten acquaintance, in her local bar. As soon as he has recognized her, Lotte escapes and finds a saving place …

Lotte | Trailer (German) [with English subtitles] ᴴᴰ

Darling, Berlin! Berlin Sayang! Berlin, Teerak! | Festival Trailer

The following film can only be seen from December 13th – December 27th, 2020 in Indonesia, Thailand (from 7:00 p.m.) and Malaysia (from 8:00 p.m.) as part of the festival:

Lotte | Full movie (German) [with English subtitles] ᴴᴰ | from December 13, 2020, 7pm

More information about the festival and the program:  Darling, Berlin! Berlin, Sayang! Berlin, Teerak!

More information about the film: Lotte