Grain of Pain

Grain of Pain hails from Finland, delivering a powerful blend of dark and emotional doom/death metal. The musical prowess is orchestrated by Timo Solonen, who not only composes but also contributes growls and guitars.

Joining him as session musicians: Juho Räihä on guitars, Lars Eikind on bass and clean vocals, Juuso Raatikainen on drums, and Sini Pajunen lending her captivating vocals. Taka Eliel adds his backing growls to enrich the band’s gloomy sound. Lars Eikind stands out with a prestigious Spellemannsprisen (Grammy) win in Norway, while both Juho Räihä and Juuso Raatikainen have earned Finnish Grammy nominations with Swallow the Sun.

Grain of Pain, a Finnish force in the doom/death metal scene, is led by the prolific Timo Solonen. The band’s unique sound is characterised by its intense emotional depth. Drawing inspiration from diverse influences,they seamlessly weave dark atmospheres and powerful melodies into their compositions. Grain of Pain has its sights set on captivating live audiences and continually crafting albums that evoke profound emotions. Having partnered with Dronicon Films for a lyric video, and Vesa Ranta for a music video,they are committed to enhancing their visual presence.

The bands goal is to grace as many stages as possible, with plans for additional videos and the release of thoughtfully designed merchandise by Gogo Malone. The journey has just begun, and they are excited to evolve and connect with the audience on even deeper levels.

Album on the Noble Demon label:

Single on the Noble Demon label:

Current videos:

The Moon Lights The Way (Official Music Video)

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