Finnish doom/death metal band Grain of Pain have signed a deal with Noble Demon and will release their debut album entitled ‘The Moon Lights The Way’ on 31 May. The band’s music, centred around the prolific Timo Solonen, is a powerful fusion of dark, emotional melodies and haunting vocals.

The line-up of Grain of Pain consists of a number of high-calibre musicians, first and foremost Timo Solonen, who not only demonstrates his skills as a composer but also contributes growls and guitars. He is joined by Juho Räihä on guitar, Lars Eikind on bass and clean vocals, Juuso Raatikainen on drums and Sini Pajunen, who contributes her captivating vocals. Last but not least, Taka Eliel enriches the band’s dark sound with his backing growls.

Graijn of Pain‘s sound is characterised by its emotional depth and draws on a variety of influences to create a unique blend of dark atmospheres and powerful melodies.

The band’s skills have already caused a stir: Lars Eikind won the prestigious Spellemannsprisen in Norway and both Juho Räihä and Juuso Raatikainen were nominated for a Finnish Grammy with Swallow the Sun.

Patrick Walch, founder, A&R and digital marketer of Noble Demon, on the latest addition to the label roster: ‘It’s probably no secret that we at Noble Demon have a soft spot for massive, melodic and doomy metal from Finland. So after hearing the first highly addictive songs from Grain of Pain, we didn’t hesitate for long and planned the debut album together with the super talented Timo to show the world once again why the rumours persist that the Finns have absorbed metal with their mother’s milk from day one!’
The album’s title track and the first single ‘The Moon Lights The Way’, which is accompanied by a visually atmospheric lyric video, offer a foretaste of what is to come.

Mastermind Timo Solonen on the track: ‘When you try to achieve something that looks promising. Or when you try to get something back from your past life and it fails. All those emotions go through your head. Or is it something else? The listeners will hear and experience this based on their own lives. I don’t want to take that experience away from them.’

Tracklist of the album:
01. Beneath
02. Sun For Thee
03. The Moon Lights The Way
04. As Suffering Ends
05. The Witch
06. Can’t Be Fallen
07. Last Morning
08. The Path (bonus track)
09. Black Dust (bonus track)

The Moon Lights The Way’ will be released digitally on 31 May via Noble Demon.

Grain Of Pain - The Moon Lights The Way

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