Due to the extension of the Corona measures the cinema release of “Live” by director Lisa Charlotte Friederich unfortunately cannot be shown on the big screens as planned. Irony of fate: The film takes place in a dystopian future in which society is in complete lockdown – a situation that was described as extremely far-fetched at the film’s world premiere in January!

UCM.ONE has teamed up with the platform Kino on Demand for the “virtual cinema launch” in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where the feature film will be available within 48 hours of its scheduled theatrical release date, 10 December 2020, at a price of €4.99.

Kino on Demand does not require a subscription, but rather allows films to be accessed individually. On their first and every fifth download, users will receive a €5 voucher for their favourite cinema, which they can choose before renting the film. This way the cinema landscape also benefits from the virtual release.

An overview of the participating cinemas can be found here: www.kino-on-demand.com/cinemas. There are also various gift voucher packages available. By choosing the “Lieblingskino package” (English translation: “Favourite cinema package”), an additional 5 € will be given directly to the selected cinema.

“Live” is also available on all important VoD portals, including Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Videoload and Vimeo. Of course, we hope that the film will also be see on the big screen as soon as cinemas can reopen.

In Lisa Charlotte Friederich‘s debut film, culture has been taking place only in virtual space for years, and human gatherings are strictly forbidden. These disturbing and at the time of the making of the film unforeseeable parallels to the current situation make the film highly topical. However, it is not a pandemic, but the threat of terrorist attacks that has paralysed public life in “Live“. Set in the near future, “Live” combines science fiction elements and a classic sibling conflict to a thrilling drama full of stirring music and celebrated its world premiere at the Max Ophüls Prize earlier this year. Since then it has been successfully screened at German and international film festivals and has received several awards.


The psychologist Claire counsels survivors of terrorist attacks. When one day she finds a ticket, an analogue piece of paper, in the possession of a patient, she breaks out of her life in isolation. Driven by the need for community, she and her brother Aurel, a star trumpeter who for years has only stood in front of virtual audiences, plan a secret live concert in front of real, physically present people. With the help of the hackers Ada and Maximus, they succeed in realising their plan despite all adversities. When the mother of the siblings turns up shortly afterwards, an age-old conflict breaks out, confronting Claire with an insurmountable opponent: herself.

Live” is a frighteningly relevant film that gets under one’ s skin because of its cool aesthetics, poignant music and a great cast.

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