The Skin of Others | Die Haut der Anderen

With the movie “The Skin of Others” (German title: “Die Haut der Anderen“) Thomas Stiller presents after “Sie hat es verdient” his next feature film, which despite bizarre erotic scenes is a deeply romantic love story.


Marc Deville (Oliver Mommsen) is a successful author of erotic literature. But in everyday life he cannot get involved in physical closeness with the opposite sex. He is addicted to porn and sexuality only works for him through an interposed camera and masturbation in front of the image. One day Marc meets the nurse Justine (Isabel Thierauch). She also has a fetish: she loves choking games, which leads to an alienation in her marriage to E c (Torsten Michaelis), a theatre director. Driven by normal, romantic desires, Justine and Marc feed on each other over several attempts and are able to allow a piece of normality…

About Thomas Stiller:

Thomas Stiller was born in Wiesbaden. After graduating from high school, Thomas Stiller studied acting and directing at the Herbert Berghoff Studio and Actors Studio in New York from 1985 to 1986. He made his feature film debut in 1995 with the film “Die brennende Schnecke“. The drama about a 14-year-old boy who hopes to escape his isolation in a youth gang has been shown at numerous international film festivals, including the World Film Festival in Montréal, the International Film Festival in Shanghai and the International Film Festival in Moscow.

The psychothriller “Silent Night – Holy Night“, published in 1999, earned Thomas Stiller a nomination for the Adolf Grimme Prize the following year. In 2000 he directed “The Great Grandson of the Man Who Drank a Cow“, a music film about the Japanese jazz musician and trumpeter Toshinori Kondō. Since 2003, he has also produced cinema trailers for the Oldenburg International Film Festival under his direction. In addition to a series of television films such as “The Stolen Moon” (2002) with Birol Ünel and Dietmar Bär, as well as cinema productions such as “The Young Without Qualities” (2006) with Marek Harloff and Lisa Martinek, Thomas Stiller was also responsible as director and screenwriter for episodes of the television series “Tatort“, “Unschuldig“, “Peter Strohm” and “Wolffs Revier“. He was particularly successful as a screenwriter for the family psychodrama “Unter dem Eis“, which was awarded the Adolf Grimme Prize 2007 in the category “Fiction”. In 2008 Thomas Stiller acted as director for the television feature film “Zwölf Winter“, which in 2010 was again nominated for the Adolf Grimme Prize and the German Television Crime Crime Prize and awarded the Jupiter Prize.

On the occasion of the ARD theme week “Ist doch Ehrensache! Wie Menschen sich für die Gesellschaft engagieren” (How people get involved in society), Thomas Stiller presented the feature film “Genug ist nicht genug um” (Enough is not enough) in 2009, which deals with the plight of German nursing homes, the deployment of volunteers and the consequences of their strike. In the same year, Thomas Stiller dedicated himself to the explosive escalation of youth violence with the drama “Sie hat es verdient” (“She deserves it“), initially planned for the cinema, in which a socially well-off schoolgirl is tortured to death by socially disadvantaged peers for reasons of revenge. In the production of teamWorx Television & Film GmbH for ARD Degeto and Bayerischer Rundfunk, Liv Lisa Fries, co-producer Veronica Ferres and François Goeske were among the leading actors. “Die Haut der Anderen” was the next feature film to be made by Thomas Stiller as scriptwriter and director after 3 more crime scene films and a Polizeiruf 110.

Voluntary self-regulation of the film industry (FSK) on film:

The drama describes a difficult love story: the porn addicted author Mark cannot allow physical contact and can only experience sexuality through masturbation. The nurse Justine has a tendency towards morbidity, demands violence from her husband during sex and at the same time is confronted with his outbursts of rage and compulsion to control. As much as Mark and Justine wish for a “normal” togetherness, it is only after several attempts that a new beginning comes into sight for both of them. The themes of loneliness, alienation, the search for identity and relationship work are translated into realistic images and authentic dialogues, so that the viewer gets an unembellished insight into the lives of the characters. 

The high realism is intensified by the sparse use of music, which gives the film peace in addition to the dialogue-oriented narrative style, but strong conflicts take place in and between the characters. In contrast, Mark’s son, with his desire to get closer to his father, is a positive secondary character.

Original title: Die Haut der Anderen

Director: Thomas Stiller

Assistance to Director: Nicolas Blankenhorn, Kristian Portz, Maximilian Bloching

Story: Thomas Stiller

Actor & actresses: Isabel Thierauch, Oliver Mommsen, Torsten Michaelis, Judith Hoersch, Marco Hofschneider, Filip Januchowski, Sonja Kerskes, Pierre Kiwit, Lasse Myhr, Peter Hommen, Johannes Franke

Producers: Thomas Stiller, Adrian Topol, Nick Guido van Ginneken

Co-producer: Steffen Baermann

Cinematography: Fee Scherer

Camera: Marc Liesendahl

Sound: Moritz Monorfalvi, Nikolas Mühe, Linus Nickl, Roland Platz

Cutting & editing: William James

Visuel effects: Lisa Polle

Costumes: Jürgen Knoll

Equipment: Frank Godt

Music: Fabian Römer


Production: Cubatorfilm International, Volle Pulle Berlin

Production Management: Laura Fischer, Kristian Portz

Year of production: 2018

Country: Germany

Language: German

Subtitles: English, French


Length: 110 Min

Rating: FSK 16

Aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1

Sound: Surround Sound 5.1

Resolution: HD

Other title:

English: The Skin of Others

Filmlabel: Artkeim²

Distribution: UCM.ONE


Theatrical Release: 19. April 2018

DVD-Start: 28.06.2019

VoD-Start: 28.06.2019

The film shows the fragile protagonists and their sexuality in their ambivalence […]. Apart from Mark and Justine’s timid approach […], the protagonists are almost always shown with problematic sexuality, but never in speculative images. The short depictions of sexuality linked to violence are not overly played out and […] appropriately arranged. Problems of adults who can be classified by viewers from the age of 16 with their maturity for development are thematized. […] clear dramaturgy, […] clear development of the figures and [a] plea for the convergence of […]”


Press comments

“A love story of a different kind with two mysterious outsiders in the center (…) Oliver Mommsen plays his complex character with a lot of persuasiveness and gives it a certain amount of subtle fragility” (

“The skin of the others” belongs in the niche of the educated bourgeois claim cinema” (Thorsten Bretzinger, Alex Radio)

“A bizarre love story, deeply romantic in all its obsessions.” (ARD Brisant)

“An erotic drama that gets under your skin” (Westfälische Nachrichten)