A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio

Monsters are not under the bed – they are IN us… UCM.ONE releases on the film label “M-Square Pictures” in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the episode film “A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio“, a brilliant episode horror in the style of the legendary “Tales from the Crypt” films! “A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio” has been directed by many young, but already not unknown directors like Sergio Morcillo, Joshua Long, Jason Bognacki, Adam O’Brien, Matt Richards, A.J. Briones, Pablo S. Pastor and Oliver Par in an exciting and effective way! The film was several times the “insider tip” at numerous horror festivals.


Late in the evening, radio presenter Rod (James Wright) entertains listeners of his call-in radio show with macabre stories: About a woman (Marem Hassler) who has to wear other people’s skin to be seen at all; about Mary (Stella Charrington) whose mother teaches her to photograph corpses against her will; then there is the hairdresser Silvio (David Nerman) who cruelly convinces a Hollywood starlet (Ingrid Falaise) that he is responsible for her career; the murderer Willie Bingham (Kevin Dee), who has killed a woman and is to be punished for his crime by having his limbs amputated; the dancer Marta (Marina Romero), who seems to share her flat with a particularly nasty demon; another demon (Strange Dave) lures a little girl (Abbi Chally) to her mother’s body (Mellisa Chally); He tells the story of a hunter (Ramón G. del Pomar) whose victim is a young woman (María Forqué), and finally there is the story of Lydia (Rachel Winters) who gets scared to death in her flat.

As he tells all these stories, Rod notices more and more that something is going on in his studio. And it all has to do with his own misdeeds….

About this anthology

A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio” features the short films of ten young, largely unknown directors who have so far mainly made their mark through short films at festivals and on YouTube. Some of the films of this horror compilation have already been shown successfully at film festivals, but others have not been released yet.

The basic idea for the film and the framework story were developed and shot for “Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio” by the Onetti brothers, who are already established in the horror genre. Luciano and Nicolás Onetti are from Buenos Aires and have already made a name for themselves as innovators of the giallo genre with “Deep Sleep” (2013), “Francesca” (2015), “What the Waters Left Behind” (2017) and “Abracadabra“. With “A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio” they are now shifting to classic horror cinema.

The episodes:

Nightmare Radio, by Nicolás and Luciano Onetti

Radio host Rod Wilson is a real scumbag. In his studio in an old, converted farmhouse he hosts his night show. The show is dedicated to evil and horror, in it he spins his own stories and gives the listeners the opportunity to tell their personal stories by phoning in. One evening he receives mysterious calls from a disturbed child who is desperately begging for help. At first Rod thinks it’s all a joke, until he discovers that the calls are clues to his own dark secret, which is unravelled through the stories.

In the Dark Woods, by Jason Bognacki

An invisible witch haunts a forest and is revealed as the key to another woman’s life.

Post Mortem Mary, by Joshua Long

When a young girl dies in an Australian village, a neighbour and her little daughter help the girl’s parents prepare her body for burial. Through a post-mortem photograph, they discover that an uncanny force in the forest has taken possession of the body …

A Little Off the Top, von Adam O‘Brien

A mentally disturbed hairdresser with a pathological obsession with the “art” of his profession and of one of his clients straps her head into a medieval torture device. Then he pulls out a sharpie and begins to draw lines on her forehead…

The Disappearance of Willie Bingham, by Matt Richards

A newly employed warden in a prison introduces a programme whereby criminals can atone for their crimes by having their limbs amputated corresponding to the sexual crimes they have committed.

Drops, by Sergio Morcillo

The struggle of a professional dancer with relationship and career problems takes a deadly turn when a demon begins to intrude into her life.

Original title: A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio

Director: Oliver Park

Directors (segment): Jason Bognacki, A.J. Briones, Joshua Long, Sergio Morcillo, Adam O’Brien, Luciano Onetti, Nicolás Onetti, Pablo S. Pastor, Matthew Richards

Concept: Michael Kraetzer

Script: Mauro Croche, Guillermo Lockhart

Writer (segment): Michael L. Fawcett, Matthew Richards, Santiago Taboada

Acror & actresses: Patricia Arizmendi, Adrián Barriopedro, Claudia Beattie , Louisa Bland, David Breen, Gabriel Carrubba, Abbi Chally, Mellisa Chally Stella Charrington, Rachel Clayton, Darcy Cornwallis, Ian Costello, Michelle Costello, Strange Dave, Ismael de las Heras, Kevin Dee, Ramón G. del Pomar, Karl E. Landler, Ingrid Falaise, Julia Farrell, Tim Ferris, María Forqué, Gregory J. Fryer, Albert Goikhman, Brendan Joseph Guerin, Marem Hassler, Madeleine Hogan, Alex Holden, Isabelle King, Clara Kovacic, Camilo Levigne, Adrián López, Chris Mammone, Kathryn Marquet, David Nerman, Kera O’Bryon, Marina Romero, Hugues Saint Louis, Nicole Alexandra Shipley, Raymond Thomas, Pippa Van Wijck, Leah Vandenberg, Edie Vann, Rocío Vela, Sez Wilks, Rachel Winters, James Wright, Antonio Zancada

Producer: Eduardo Camauer, Dai Gallardo, Carlos Goitia, Evangelina Goitia, Michael Kraetzer, Nicolás Onetti, Maximo Tellechea

Executive Producer: Maria Paula Rios

Cinematography: Víctor J. Alvarado, Carlos Goitia

Editing: Patrick McCabe, Víctor J. Alvarado, Hugo González Molero, Luciano Onetti, Matias Rossi

Sound Departement: Roberto H.G., Germán Suracce

Special Effects: Víctor Javier Bernardos

Makeup: Víctor Javier Bernardos

Music: Luciano Onetti, Jesús Calderón


Production company: Black Mandala

Year of production: 2019

Genres: Horror, Thriller

Countries: Argentinia, New Zealand,UK

Language: English

Synchronisation: German


Lenght: 104 Min

Rating: FSK 18

Aspect ratio: 2.39:1

Sound: Stereo

Resolution: HD

Other titles:

Polish: Nightmare Radio

Russian: Страшные истории, рассказанные на ночь


Marche du Fim Cannes (France), Noctura Madrid (Spain), Brooklyn Horror Film Festival (USA), Mórbido (Mexico), Frightfest Glasgow (UK), Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre (Argentinia), Detective Fest (Russia), Panic Fest (USA)

Film label: M-Square Pictures


Release date Blu-Ray & DVD: September 25, 2020

Release date VoD: November 21, 2020

The Smiling Man, by A.J. Briones

A little girl and a spooky trail of balloons. But it’s not a clown who is responsible for the balloons, but a gangly demon who offers her a cruel treat.

Into the Mud, by Pablo S. Pastor

A woman wakes up in the forest and is followed by a mysterious hunter. Her rescue might come in the form of an equally mysterious creature …

Vicious, by Oliver Park

After a long night out, a woman returns home and finds her sister in the hands of deformed demons who have entered the house.

The horror genre in film

Horror films have been around since the beginning of cinema, already film pioneer Georges Meliès at the end of the 19th century worked with creepy (trick) elements in his films. Historically, horror films are descended from the stage melodrama of the 19th century, which was often based on horror novels. Typically, horror films feature the classic characters of the “virgin” who has to be rescued from the clutches of evil, the youthful “hero and saviour”, a father-like figure and the evil antagonist. These horror clichés are still taken up and satirised today.

The aim of horror films is to trigger feelings of fear, terror and bewilderment in the viewer. Often supernatural actors or phenomena appear that threaten the lives of the protagonists. The plot often involves the penetration of an evil force or an evil person into the everyday world. The classic “bad guys” include supernatural and fantastic beings such as ghosts, aliens, vampires, zombies, werewolves, demons, witches, monsters, but also more real threats such as natural, ecological or man-made disasters or psychopaths and serial killers.

Horror films try to create a strong emotional identification of the spectator with the threatened protagonists, which is why the events are often told from their perspective, often technically implemented by the camera work.

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Review & Comments

„Scary creepy treat with goose skin potential. “A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio” is a high-quality horror anthology in the style of the V/H/S series…” (Filmchecker.wordpress.com)

For fans of short films and anthology horrors “A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio” has a lot to offer and definitely one to check out! (morbidlybeautiful.com )

„While each chapter of “A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio” brings something completely different to the table, one trait can be seen throughout them all: quality!” (fearforever.com)

„One of the most enjoyable horror films I have seen this year. A macabre delight.” (monstermadnessandmagic.com)

„Horror Radio is really a film you can’t miss.” (vanessasnonspoilers.com)

„It’s the most enjoyable and consistent anthology that I have seen in many years.” (mybloodyreviews.com)

„The best anthology of the year.” (terrorweekend.com)

Technical datas

Picture format: Full HD, 16:9 (aspect ratio: 2.39:1) | total running time approx. 104 min | sound formats: German, English | FSK 18


Out now on Blu-Ray ad DVD: “A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio (M-Square Pictures)

UCM.ONE releases the ingenious episode horror film “A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio” in the style of the legendary “Tales from the Crypt” films in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the film label M-Square Pictures. Staged in an exciting and effective way by many renowned directors such as Sergio Morcillo, Joshua Long, Jason Bognacki, Adam…