UCM.ONE releases the ingenious episode horror film “A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio” in the style of the legendary “Tales from the Crypt” films in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the film label M-Square Pictures.

Staged in an exciting and effective way by many renowned directors such as Sergio Morcillo, Joshua Long, Jason Bognacki, Adam O’Brien, Matt Richards, A.J. Briones, Pablo S. Pastor and Oliver Par! The film has been an insider tip at numerous festivals (including Frightfest in the UK, Marche du Film in Cannes, Horror Festival in Brooklyn)!

The framework story is about Rod. Rod hosts a radio show that is completely dedicated to the horror genre… One day he suddenly gets strange phone calls from a child who desperately begs him for help. At first he thinks it’s a bad joke, but then he quickly discovers that there is much more to the calls than meets the eye! The calls evoke a dark secret that gradually draws him more and more into its spell…

In his popular show, Rod entertains the audience with various creepy, macabre and dark stories as part of his “call-in radio show”: About a woman (Marem Hassler) who has to wear other people’s skin to be seen at all; about Mary (Stella Charrington) whose mother teaches her to photograph corpses against her will; then there is the hairdresser Silvio (David Nerman) who cruelly convinces a Hollywood starlet (Ingrid Falaise) that he is responsible for her career; the murderer Willie Bingham (Kevin Dee), who has killed a woman and is to be punished for his crime by having his limbs amputated.

Furthermore there is the dancer Marta (Marina Romero), who seems to share her flat with a particularly nasty demon; another demon (Strange Dave) lures a little girl (Abbi Chally) to her mother’s body (Mellisa Chally); He tells the story of a hunter (Ramón G. del Pomar) whose victim is a young woman (María Forqué), and finally there is the story of Lydia (Rachel Winters) who gets scared to death in her flat. As he tells all these stories, Rod notices more and more that something is going on in his studio. And it all has to do with his own misdeeds….

The basic idea for the film and the framework story were developed and shot for “Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio” by the Onetti brothers, who are already established in the horror genre. Luciano and Nicolás Onetti are from Buenos Aires and have already made a name for themselves as innovators of the giallo genre with “Deep Sleep” (2013), “Francesca” (2015), “What the Waters Left Behind” (2017) and “Abracadabra“. With “A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio” they are now shifting to classic horror cinema.

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