Our film label M-Square Classics is releasing one of the classics of horror film for the first time in digital HD quality. “Totentanz der Vampire” (English title: “The House That Dripped Blood“) from 1971 is considered by critics and connoisseurs of the genre as a special treat. In four episodes in the thrilling story-telling, with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing perform two world stars of the horror genre. The screenplay is written by “Psycho”-author Robert Bloch after four of his own short stories. “Totentanz der Vampire” will be released uncut by VoD t  the beginning or August in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, followed by the Blu-Ray and DVD Editions on October 12th.

Inspector Holloway of Scotland Yard investigates the mysterious disappearance of a horror movie cast member. He travels to a small town and meets the local policeman and landlord of the house where the actor lived. The two tell him four gruesome short stories about the previous tenants.

1. “The Murder Method“: a writer (Denholm Elliot) faces the growing threat posed by a serial killer he has created.
2. “The Wax Museum“: two friends (Peter Cushing, Neville Rogers) find characters in a waxworks cabinet who look like their wives.
3. “Sweet for the Sweet“: Businessman Reid (Christopher Lee) hires widow Ann Norton as a nanny and teacher for his daughter Jane. However, Jane never gets toys and has no friends.
4. “The Cloak“: Aging horror star Henderson (Jon Pertwee) buys an old vampire cloak that seems to have some very disturbing effects on its wearer …

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