UCM.ONE now releases on the film label M-Square Pictures the horror movie “Dolls” (German title: “Dolls – Schau’ hin oder stirb” by Cuyle Carvin, a special “puppet horror film”.

The film is not a remake, but from the basic idea based on Stuart Gordon‘s horror movie classic “Dolls” from 1987. Horror movie icon Dee Wallace (“Cujo“, “The Animal“, “Critter“) plays in the film in a parade role a strange, admonishing old local.


Children’s book author Robert Holbrook (Thomas Downey) is struggling with his alcohol addiction and his professional future. Together with his rebellious daughter Sammey (Trinity Simpson) he moves into the abandoned house of his mother, who has just died. While furnishing the house they discover three mysterious porcelain dolls in the attic. Only when a strange neighbour (Dee Wallace) repeatedly warns them about the dolls they realize that these dolls seem to develop a bizarre life of their own.

When the dolls suddenly start appearing in different places in the house, a fight for survival begins, because the demonic dolls have an uncanny and deadly past…

About Dee Wallace-Stone

Dee Wallace-Stone (* 14 December 1949 in Kansas City), actually Deanna Bowers, grew up in Kansas City, where she also graduated from high school before attending the University of Kansas. Her acting career began in the 70’s with roles in various TV series such as “The Streets of San Francisco” or “Starsky & Hutch“. In 1975 she had a small role in the movie “The Stepford Wives“.

In 1977 she played her first leading role in a horror movie in Wes Craven‘s “The Hills Have Eyes“, further roles in horror movies followed, for example in “The Howling“, “Cujo“, “Critters” and the “Halloween” remake from 2007. She gained fame beyond the horror genre with Steven Spielberg‘s cult movie “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial“, among others. There she played the role of Elliott’s mother, for which she was nominated for the Saturn Award in 1983.

In recent years Dee Wallace has continued playing smaller roles in horror flics and has as well appeared in television series such as “Grey’s Anatomy“, “General Hospital” and “Grimm“.


“Dolls is a must-see horror film thanks to its fantastic staging and the extraordinary camera angles, as well as its impressive score. – Five out of five.” []

“Especially in the finale, “Dolls” really takes off and impresses with innovative moments of horror.” []

“This above average little horror shocker offers typical 80s flair and some well-dosed shock moments.” []

“What makes Dolls fascinating is that it’s not a simple killer puppet horror movie, but plays with the borders between imagination and real horror, leaving the viewer in the dark.” []

“I am pleasantly surprised at how much I like this film. If a horror movie addresses a demanding audience that understands the mechanisms of classic horror, there’s nothing to complain about.” (

Original title: Dolls

Director: Cuyle Carvin

Screenplay: Justin Hawkins, Josh Hawkins

Book: Jeff Miller, Justin Hawkins

Actors & actresses: Thomas Downey, Dee Wallace, Trinity Simspon, Bret Green, Elise Muller, Melinda DeKay, Robert R. Ryel, Cuyle Carvin, Scott Anthony Gould, Justin Hawkins, Robert Michael Ryan

Producer: Jeff Miller, Robert Michael Ryan

Co-producer: Ben Demaree, Josh Hawkins, Justin Hawkins

Cinematography: Ben Demaree

Camera and Electrical Department: Justin Crowe, Andrew Giannetta, Chaz Moore, Ricardo Pomares-Belmonte, Korey Rowe, Ken Stachnik

Sound: Scott Anthony Gould, Houston Guy, Ken Hobson, Grace Owens, Mayra Rodriguez

Editing: Korey Rowe

Special Effects: Ryan Pilz, Veronica Rodarte

Visual Effecte: Gary Jones

Makeup Departement: Mj DuBarr, Veronica Rodarte, Chelsea Still

Music: Amber Church


Production companies: Millman Productions, Surreal Post Group (Post-Produktion)

Year of production: 2019

Genre: Horror

Country: USA

Sprache: English

Dubbing: German


Lenghth: 85 Min

Rating: FSK 16

Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Resolution: HD

Other title:

German: Dolls – Schau’ hin oder stirb

Filmlabel: M-Square Pictures


Blu-Ray & DVD-Start: February 21, 2020

VoD-Start: February 21, 2020

Dolls | Trailer (German) ᴴᴰ

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Further information

Technical data

Picture format Blu-Ray: WS 2.40:1 (1080p, 23.976); DVD: WS 2.40:1 (anamorphic) | Total running time Blu-Ray: 85 min; Total running time DVD: 81 min | Sound formats: German (DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1), English (DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1) | Rating: FSK 16


“Dolls” by Cuyle Carvin now available on Blu-Ray, DVD and VoD portals

UCM.ONE now releases on the film label M-Square Pictures the horror movie “Dolls” (German title: “Dolls – Schau’ hin oder stirb” by Cuyle Carvin in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The film, a special “puppet horror film”, is not a remake, but from the basic idea based on Stuart Gordon‘s horror movie classic “Dolls” from 1987. Horror…