UCM.ONE now releases on the film label M-Square Pictures the horror movie “Dolls” (German title: “Dolls – Schau’ hin oder stirb” by Cuyle Carvin in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The film, a special “puppet horror film”, is not a remake, but from the basic idea based on Stuart Gordon‘s horror movie classic “Dolls” from 1987. Horror movie icon Dee Wallace (“Cujo“, “The Animal“, “Critter“) plays in the film in a parade role a strange, admonishing old local.


Children’s book author Robert Holbrook (Thomas Downey) is struggling with his alcohol addiction and his professional future. Together with his rebellious daughter Sammey (Trinity Simpson) he moves into the abandoned house of his mother, who has just died. While furnishing the house they discover three mysterious porcelain dolls in the attic. Only when a strange neighbour (Dee Wallace) repeatedly warns them about the dolls they realize that these dolls seem to develop a bizarre life of their own. When the dolls suddenly start appearing in different places in the house, a fight for survival begins, because the demonic dolls have an uncanny and deadly past…

Dolls | Trailer (German) ᴴᴰ


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