The Glorious Seven・Reloaded

UCM.ONE is releasing the film “The Glorious Seven – Reloaded” by Harald Franklin on the film label “M-Square Pictures” in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Franklin already made a name for himself with the film “Heroes and Cowards“. Inspired by the classic “The Seven Samurai” (1954) by Akira Kurosawa and the resulting US western remake “The Glorious Seven” by John Sturges, this modern mercenary actor brings back memories of the glorious action movies of the 80s, in which “The Bold Seven” stood side by side with e.g. numerous “The Wild Geese Coming” adaptations.

The film was shot at locations in Costa Rica, in Spain, in Italy (Rome) and in the Ukraine.


Former military commander David Guerra (Jerry Kwarteng) is hired by shady millionaire Anthony Levin (Fernando Carrera) to rescue his wife Valentina, kidnapped by Javier Martinez, the leader of a guerrilla group. Guerra, who knows Martinez from previous military encounters, recruits six men from his former special unit to help him do the impossible: seven against 700 guerrilleros who are well entrenched in their headquarters. Driven only by their courage and unrestrained will, the Seven start the hopeless and bloody quest, in which they finally learn the true reasons for their mission…

About Jerry Kwarteng:

The German actor Jerry Kwarteng was born in Hamburg in 1976 and grew up there. He lived in the USA and Spain for several years before moving to Berlin to continue his acting career there. In the last few years he is more and more present on TV and on the screen. In “The Glorious Seven – Reloaded” he took on his first leading role in a feature film.

About Fernando Carrera:

The renowned Mexican actor and singer from Mexico City began his artistic career at the age of 12 on stage with the group “Los Caracoles“, where he sang and played guitar with his two brothers. Today, Fernando Carrera alternates between working in front of and behind the cameras. He has participated in numerous film and TV projects in Mexico, Spain, Argentina and the USA.

Original title: The Glorious Seven

Director: Harald Franklin

Screenplay: Harald Franklin

Actors & actresses: Jerry Kwarteng, Fernando Carrera, Anthony Levin, Maurice Nash, Fernando Corral, Ilker Kurt, Ender Atac, Usman Maqpool, Julia Mulligan, Sara Sálamo, Santos Adrián, Sergio Campos Alfaro, Marina Kinski, Maksim Kolesnichenko, Vladimir Parkhomchuk, Joan Ruiz, Sophie Toropchina

Producer: Harald Franklin

Co-Producer: Aurelio Toni Agliata

Cinematography: Brian D. Goff, Günther Neumann

Technical department: Lars Buge, Archil Siradze, Christian Slezak, Denys Svoiak

Sound: Robert Keilbar

Editing: Javier Keltai

Special Effects: Ruslan Chupryna, Nikolay Mykytenko, Oleg Shvets, Denis Syzon

Stunts: Yuri Groshevoi

Makeup: Ina Chochol, Isa Annalisa Molteni, Margaryta Motyl

Costumes: Yarina Kiyak, Sina Neumann, Ester Palaudàries

Casting: Aurelio Toni Agliata


Production company: Arena Filmverwertung

Year of production: 2019

Genres: Action, Kriegsfilm

Country: Germany

Language: English

Dubbing: German


Lenght: 90 Min

Rating: FSK 18

Aspect ratio: 16:9 – 2.35:1

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Resolution: HD

Filmlabel: M-Square Pictures



Blu-Ray & DVD-Start: December 06, 2019

VoD-Start: December 06, 2019

The Glorious Seven • Reloaded | Trailer (English) ᴴᴰ

The Glorious Seven • Reloaded | Trailer (German) ᴴᴰ

Comments on the film

“The Glorious Seven • Reloaded is an entertaining actioner that could have come straight from the Cannon smithy of the 80s.” (

“I wonder if Akira Kurosawa had any idea what he started with when he made” The Seven Samurai “, but the latest film that takes the theme as an example also knows how to please him.” (Voicesfromthebalcony. com)

“You can’t go wrong with this, a bombastic, entertaining action film that is fun in many ways!” (

Technical data

Picture format: WS 2.35:1 (anamorphic) | total running time 90 min | sound formats: German (DTS-HD 5.1), English (DTS-HD 5.1) | FSK 16 (marked as FSK 18 by a trailer on the DVD)


“The Glorious Seven • Reloaded” by Harald Franklin now available

Heute veröffentlicht UCM.ONE auf dem Filmlabel “M-Square Pictures” den mit Jerry Kwarteng und Fernando Carrera stark besetzen Action-Film “The Glorious Seven • Reloaded” von Harald Franklin. Der Film, der auf Blu-ray, DVD und bei  VoD-Portalen erhältlich ist, basiert auf dem Filmklassiker “Die glorreichen Sieben” von Sergio Leone, der wiederum auf “Die sieben Samurai” von Akira Kurosawa zurückgriff. Shop…