S.O.R.M – Under My Skin

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Band: S.O.R.M

Label: Noble Demon

Type: Music (Album)

Genres: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

Year: 2023

Formats: Divers


Formed in 2017, S.O.R.M is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Lidkoping, Sweden. Shortly after the band’s formation, S.O.R.M released the outstanding “Hellraiser EP” and introduced the band to the world with the lead single and video clip “Gypsy Queen“. Fusing contemporary and traditional hard rock and heavy metal, S.O.R.M confirmed its place as an act that appeals to a wide heavy music audience. S.O.R.M now enraptures fans of acts ranging from Grand Magus, GHOST and Night Flight Orchestra to the icons of the genre, WASP and Judas Priest.

In 2020, the band, consisting of Micke Holm (guitar and vocals), Johan Ostram (bass) and Robin Wernebratt (drums), signed to the newly formed Noble Demon label, joining acts such as Night Crowned, Dawn Of Solace, No Raza and Gomorra. In 2023, the time has finally come. The long-awaited debut album is released …

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Band: S.O.R.M
Label: Noble Demon
℗ & © 2023 Noble Demon / UCM.ONE

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Tracklisting (CD)

01. Hellride (05:01)
02. Shot Gun Johnny (05:02)
03. I Die For My Rock N Roll (05:06)
04. Dark World (06:17)
05. Too Hot For Love (03:16)
06. Crazy (03:34)
07. Demon Child (06:44)
08. In Peace (04:01)
09. Ready To Fly (03:19)
10. Under My Skin (05:50)

11.  Crash ‘N’ Burn (05:13)

Tracklisting (Vinyl)

A1. Hellride (05:01)
A2. Shot Gun Johnny (05:02)
A3. I Die For My Rock N Roll (05:06)
A4. Dark World (06:17)
A5. Too Hot For Love (03:16)
B1. Crazy (03:34)
B2. Demon Child (06:44)
B3. In Peace (04:01)
B4. Ready To Fly (03:19)
B5. Under My Skin (05:50)

B6. Crash ‘N’ Burn (05:13)

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