Zornheym – The Zornheim Sleep Experiment

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Band: Zornheym

Label: Noble Demon

Type: Music (Album)

Genres: Metal, Symphonic Metal

Year: 2021

Formats: Various


Sweden’s symphonic extreme metallers Zornheym have released their highly anticiptated sophomore album,”The Zornheim Sleep Experimenttoday with Noble Demon. The band celebrates the record’s arrival with the debut of a brand new lyric video for the track “The Revelation”, which band mastermind Zorn (ex- Dark Funeral/ –Devian) describes as “The heaviest Zornheym track to date. A mesmerizing horror theme of epic proportion“!

With ten new tracks of powerful, cinematic and mesmerizing symphonic extreme metal, “The Zornheim Sleep Experiment” is a musical as well as dramatic and storytelling work of art that revolves around the horrors of a mental institution and its prisoners. Once again, Zornheym create their very own wall of sound by using a real choir and a string quartet and bring the album’s story to life in a graphic novel that accompanies and expands upon the stories behind the record. So get lost in the world of Zornheym and join the band on their distracting journey straight into the depths of the asylum!

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Band: Zornheym
Label: Noble Demon
℗ & © 2021 Noble Demon / UCM.ONE

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Tracklisting (CD)

01. Corpus Vile (05:27)
02. An Evil Within (00:25)
03. Dead Silence (05:11)
04. Keep the Devil Away (04:19)
05. Slumber comes in Time (05:44)
06. Black Nine (04:01)
07. The Veiling of Bettelheim’s Eye (01:19)
08. The Revelation (03:41)
09. Keep Cutting (04:54)
10. The Madness that Lurks [Epilogue] (02:06)
11. Woge The Night Brings… [Lockdown Version] (3:50) [Bonus Track]

Tracklisting (Vinyl)

A1. Corpus Vile (05:27)
A2. An Evil Within (00:25)
A3. Dead Silence (05:11)

B1. Keep the Devil Away (04:19)
B2. Slumber comes in Time (05:44)

C1. Black Nine (04:01)
C2. The Veiling of Bettelheim’s Eye (01:19)
C3. The Revelation (03:41)

D1. Keep Cutting (04:54)
D2. The Madness that Lurks [Epilogue] (02:06)
D3. Woge The Night Brings… [Lockdown Version] (3:50) [Bonus Track]

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