Begat the Nephilim – II: The Grand Procession

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Band: Begat the Nephilim

Label: Noble Demon

Type: Music (Album)

Genres: Metal, Modern Metal

Year: 2021

Format: Divers


Formed in 2012, Begat The Nephilim have shared stages with high profile acts such as DeicideKataklysmSoulflySuicide SilenceNapalm DeathSuffocationMorbid Angel and many more, as well as participating in tours/festivals across the US, such as Summer Slaughter and the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival.

Southern New Hampshire based blackened melodic death metallers Begat The Nephilim release their second full length album “II: The Grand Procession” on the German Noble Demon label today! With a blend of heavy riffs, ripping solos and soaring guitar melodies, the band’s sophomore album is a fast & relentless blizzard of intensity and a true testament to powerful modern metal.

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Tracklisting (CD)

01. Panegyric (03:51)
02. Pygmalionism (04:20)
03. Paterfamilias (03:15)
04. Threnody: Death of Spring (03:00)
05. The Grand Procession (05:33)
06. Ossuary (05:06)
07. Exanguinated (04:39)
08. Dirge (01:18)
09. Paupers Grave (04:13)
10. The Grand Procession Part ll (04:11)
11. Leucomalachite Green (02:38)

Tracklisting (Vinyl)

A1. Panegyric (03:51)
A2. Pygmalionism (04:20)
A3. Paterfamilias (03:15)

B1. Threnody: Death of Spring (03:00)
B2. The Grand Procession (05:33)
B3. Ossuary (05:06)

C1. Exanguinated (04:39)
C2. Dirge (01:18)
C3. Paupers Grave (04:13)

D1. The Grand Procession Part ll (04:11)
D2. Leucomalachite Green (02:38)

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