The Vice – Dead Canary Run

14,95 24,95 

Band: The Vice

Label: Noble Demon

Type: Music (Album)

Genres: Black n Roll, Sludge

Year: 2024

Formats: Divers


Dead Canary Run” builds on the foundation of The Vice‘s previous work – their unique blend of dirty rock, blackened metal and death pop – and leads the listener down a crazy path that The Vice have masterfully crafted over the years. With an eclectic mix of genres, the album promises to captivate fans with its raw energy and infectious melodies. Whilst some elements may sound familiar, there are numerous new layers that The Vice have entered with this new work. Working with their old partner in crime, Joel Öhman, who added his piano skills to some of the songs, The Vice left the studio “Underjord” late this summer with an album they couldn’t be more proud of.

Dead Canary Run” is a testament to the growth of the band since their last album “White Teeth Rebellion” and shows the passion and determination of the trio.

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Band: The Vice
Label: Noble Demon
℗ & © 2023 Noble Demon / UCM.ONE

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Tracklisting (CD)

1. Another Future (5:47)
2. Tomorrow Will Mend (4:31)
3. Grant Me Your Peace (5:58)
4. Lit De Parade (6:33)
5. Crossing Over (2:51)
6. Be Afraid (3:32)
7. Welcome The Storm (5:21)
8. Exit Lights (8:05)

Tracklisting (Vinyl)

A1. Another Future (5:47)
A2. Tomorrow Will Mend (4:31)
A3. Grant Me Your Peace (5:58)
A4. Lit De Parade (6:33)
B1. Crossing Over (2:51)
B2. Be Afraid (3:32)
B3. Welcome The Storm (5:21)
B4. Exit Lights (8:05)

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