Plastic City Radio Show

On April 29th 2020 Matthieu B. presented the almost 2 ½ hours long 100th Plastic City Radio Show on the radio station Ibiza Live Radio. Since 2019 – the first show for Ibiza Live Radio was put together by Miss Disk – the show is presented regularly twice a month at the radio station on the island of Ibiza.

In fact, over 500 Plastic City radio shows have been broadcast. The first one, however, was not even conceived as a radio show in 2006, but for the CD project “Plastic City Radio Show, hosted by Kriss Dior“. Due to the success of the concept and the overwhelming feedback, the two radio presenters Gore and Greg Silver (Greg Silver retired shortly after that), who were already well known through Radio sunshine live from Germany, were able to start a weekly radio show called Plastic City Radio Show in summer 2006 – first on Radio Ibiza Sonica and just a view month later also on We Love House FM from Wiesbaden (Germany).

Countless shows followed, also with many guests, and since then there has always been a fixed presenter or moderator.

Plastic City Radio Show Presenters:

08.2006 – 04.2010 Gorge
04.2010 – 06.2016                  Lukas Greenberg
07.2016 – 08.2017 Helly Larson
08.2017 – today Matthieu B.

In the meantime the Plastic City Radio Show could be heard also on We Love House FM (Germany), Sceen FM (Germany), Proton Radio (US) and Radio Klub (France). Many guest DJs such as Terry Lee Brown Junior, The Timewriter, Ira Ange, Evren Fortuna, Der Ferrari, BDTom, Oscar Barilla, DJ Yellow, Babak Shayan, Aki Bergen, Junior Gee, J. Axel and Tuxedo provided a varied program.

Some unforgettable Plastic City Radio Shows from the last years:

Viele weitere ehemalige Plastic City Radio Shows kann man hier finden: Mixcloud


🎵 Album “Why I Can Not Eat Crocodiles” by Matthieu B. available today (Plastic City Play)

What does crocodile actually taste like? The real surprise. It tastes like chicken. Crocodile meat is very tender and externally it resembles that of turkey or chicken due to its firm, white meat. It is available mainly in specialized delicatessens. In Africa, it is traditionally used for soups and stews or grilled as a meat…


From today the new album “The Lead” (Plastic City Suburbia) by Matthieu B. is available

Matthieu B.’s new album “The Lead” is out now”! 11 great Deep House tracks showing once more the production skills of our Plastic City Radio Show host from France. His talent to transformate his feelings and thoughts into his tracks is outstanding and its always a pleasure to listen to his nw stuff…Great job Buddy!…


The “Plastic City Radio Show, Season 8” is presented by Youen and Patrick Podage

The year is 2021 and despite unprecedented times or more specifically for this very reason we believe it’s time for a very special treat, namely Season Eight of the Plastic City Radio Show. Youen and Patrick Podage have been so kind to compile and mix this outstanding selection of exclusive tracks by various artists we truly…


Available from today: “Jürgen Kaisr – One Chord All The Time” (Plastic City Suburbia)

The EP “One Chord All The Time” by Jürgen Kaisr is now available at all download portals and streaming services. Jürgen Kaisr lives near Munich. In addition to his work as a film producer and director, he often spends the evening hours in his studio: “It is a retreat. A place where i feel at home,…