What does crocodile actually taste like? The real surprise. It tastes like chicken. Crocodile meat is very tender and externally it resembles that of turkey or chicken due to its firm, white meat. It is available mainly in specialized delicatessens. In Africa, it is traditionally used for soups and stews or grilled as a meat cut.
So why does Matthieu B. ask “Why I Can Not Eat Crocodiles” on his new album on Plastic City Suburbia? The answer: “You could, but you shouldn’t, because almost all wild crocodile species are on the Red List”. Vegetarians and vegans are left out anyway.
Thus, the new album by Matthieu B. results in a kind of moral compass in the title. The producer, who also regularly presents the Plastic City Radio Show, was born and raised in France. His early tracks were still close to breakbeat and chill-out. However, he found his passion in straight rhythms and arrangements inspired by German deep house. Matthieu B. likes to integrate different elements of dub and ambient into clear sounds, so his boundaries of style are hard to define.

Listeners and critics were convinced of the state-of-the-art sound from his debut album on Plastic City in May 2016. His new album, “Why I Can Not Eat Crocodiles,” picks up where all that left off, but lays a new track through his musical atmospheric cosmos.

Matthieu B. - Why I Can Not Eat Crocodiles | Plastic City

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