On 25 May, one day before its nationwide release, Heiko’s World” (German original title: “Heikos World“) by Dominik Galizias will celebrate its cinema premiere at City Kino Wedding – where else? Because Heiko lives in the Berlin district of Wedding,

The comedy is a wacky, loving ode to – and odyssey through – Berlin’s corner bars with their very own fauna of original characters. At the centre of the tragicomedy “about beer, darts and motherly love” is of course Heiko, embodied by Martin Rohde, who has become a Berlin cult figure at the latest with the YouTube series “Heikos Welt“.

The character became so popular with fans that – according to the director Dominik Galizia – something bigger was needed: a feature film that turns Heiko’s charming world with all its colourful facets into a big whole.

After the premiere at the 2021 Munich Film FestivalMartin Rohde, who embodies Heiko, was awarded the New German Cinema Award for his acting performance here – and celebrated screenings at the 2021 achtung berlin Filmfestival and FILMZ Mainz, Heiko’s World is now coming to the big screens of the Republic on Father’s Day and will make many fan hearts happy.

Heiko's World| Trailer (German) ᴴᴰ

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The following ticket links can be announced in advance:

Bamberg: Lichtspiel (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Berlin: Babylon Mitte (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
City Kino Wedding (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Filmrauschpalast (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Ladenkino (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Sputnik (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Burg: Burg Theater (tba)
Dresden: Die Schauburg (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Programmkino Ost (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Kultur- und Kinoinitiative (tba)
Fürth: Uferpalast (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Hamburg: Studio Kino (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Jena: Kino am Markt (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)

Luru Kino (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Cineplex (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Ostpassage (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Lübeck: Koki (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Magdeburg: Moritzhof (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Mannheim: Kino im Quadrat (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Münster: Kurbelkiste / Cinema (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Oldenburg: Cine K (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Rostock:  Wundervoll (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Trier Broadway (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Koki (tba)
Wiesbaden: Caligari (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Zempow:  Autokino (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)

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