The scooter. Some whiz through the big cities of Europe with umpteen different specimens. With muscle power, petrol or electric. The scooter is an urban lifestyle that Forteba seems to have lost on his new “Tabella EP“. “I need my scooter back” he complains in the first track. The thief of his vehicle now glides unnoticed carelessly through the nocturnal streets.

Hopefully Forteba won’t be late for his gig. “Funky Business” is the second track of the EP: The lightness of the artist takes an unusually interesting direction here. The song grooves heavily over the steaming asphalt. More like a red convertible than a featherweight e-scooter.

The title track of the EP “Tabella” brings a soundtrack for the home office. Excel has never brought so much joy as in the 7 minutes and 10 seconds of the title.

Forteba - Tabella (Teaser) | Plastic City

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