The year is 2021 and despite unprecedented times or more specifically for this very reason we believe it’s time for a very special treat, namely Season Eight of the Plastic City Radio Show. Youen and Patrick Podage have been so kind to compile and mix this outstanding selection of exclusive tracks by various artists we truly cherish and respect.

Matthieu B. sets the tone for the compilation just perfectly with a formidable 2020 remake of his track “House Music“. Alex Connors & Hardy Heller pick up the pace with their remix of Maxie König‘s “Buddah’s Breath“, a beautifully floating track full of atmospheric details. The subsequent track, a dub version by Terry Lee Brown Junior of Phable‘s “Lightseeker“, forges a perfect bridge with it loose and peaceful vibe. Next up is Mexico’s house music pioneer Gabriel Sordo who strikes as usual with his incredible knack for adding just the right amount of groove to his tracks. “Lunario” gives perfect proof of that. Bucher continues with his magnificently lush and swinging beauty called “Playback” before Ira Ange & Denis Kulikov herald the start of the darker and bolder sounding part of the compilation. Their contribution “Discover” is a snarling beast which is followed by Tonio Barrientos‘ hands-up banger “Keep On“.

The journey continues with Jürgen Kaisr‘s “The Falling“, a sensitive and beautiful hymn which makes any sense of time feel irrelevant. But before you lose yourself into Kair’s tapestry of sound it’s the Swiss Smalltown Collective who knocks you out of the skies with their stunning acid groove monster called “Nobody“. The title couldn’t have been chosen any better since nobody will be able to resist the drive of that tune. The title couldn’t have been chosen any better since nobody will be able to resist the drive of that tune.

Their fellow countryman Pazkal understands how to flex some muscles just as good with his stunner “Amor“. Expect to get hooked on this organic sound selection coupled with all kinds of hypnotic elements from the start.At the right time Forteba allows us some breathing-space. His tune “Cabin” is a super laid-back tea-time pearl which turns out to have a lot more addiction potential than it’s willing to presage at its start.After this short break Jadele and DAF throw us right back into the dance pit. Their trippy track “Trip Pin” makes no secret of its massive and impeccable forward drive. Getting closer to the end of our Plastic City Radio Show, Rene Onze drops a bone dry heavyweight called “Schnurz“, which thrills us with its minimalistic and bold presence. How to bring such a class compilation to an appropriate end if not with the aid of mastermind Patrick Podage. Known for his powerful versatility the Swiss producer closes this show with his stellar track “The Flight“. And with this it’s time to thank all artists involved in this major project that let’s us see into the future optimistically.

Patrick Podage - The Flight (Plastic City Radio Show) | Teaser

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