They can be so sweet, but also incredibly mean. Why do children often behave in a way that is anything but moral? When do you learn compassion? Put simply, what is considered “right” in the first phase? That which does not entail punishment: The orientation to law and order. But recent studies seem to prove that morality is also genetically inherited, that a child does not start from scratch with his compass and can also instinctively distinguish between right and wrong.

Matthieu B.‘s first single “Something to do and Something not to do” from the album “Why I Can Not Eat Crocodiles“, which will be released in May, asks this fundamental question of morality. In seven minutes, the track tries to find its answers beyond good and evil. The truths lie in the nuances.

Matthieu B. - Something to do and Something not to do [Teaser] | Plastic City

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