Continuously eschewing conventional sounds, guitars and classical instruments, he is always exploring elements that had never been heard before. He began to showcase his talent on several stages and online labels.

His first unthinkable digital releases quickly reached the top of several online charts and after being linked to Harthouse, he immediately released several singles with great influence on the European electronic scene.

In fact, you can find the name Boris Brejcha in the playlists of the best-known DJs ever since the release of his first two albums “Die Maschinen sind gestrandet” and “Die Maschinen kontrollieren uns” in 2007 on the German label Harthouse. The label acts as a platform for his extremely forward-looking work. The future is now and the main message from this exceptional artist – Boris Brejcha as before unpredictable and yet far-reaching …

Now, 15 years later, 8 tracks from the album “Die Maschinen sind gestrandet” are released again in remastered versions – again on the Harthouse label.

In pre-sale: 2xLP-Splatter Vinyl Edition in gatefolder:

Boris Brejcha – Die Maschinen sind gestrandet

(Limited 2×12″ on gold vinyl with black splatter in the gatefolder)



A1 Verstaubter Fruchtzucker (Remastered)

A2 Shikora (Remastered)


B1 Push to Play (Remastered)

B2 Anabella (Remastered)

C1 Nährmedium (Remastered)

C2 Pfefferbad (Remastered)


D1 Ein Sonniger Tag (Remastered)

D2 Die Maschinen sind Gestrandet (Remastered)

© Harthouse / UCM.ONE

For the first time on vinyl, these 8 tracks will be available in completely remastered versions on vinyl. The strictly limited vinyl album “Die Maschinen sind gestrandet” can be pre-ordered at Bandcamp or our Shop, among others, and is expected to be shipped from 30 September 2022.

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Further information

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