When a highly talented Serbian workaholic joins forces with a French music ambassador for Thailand and a true Berlin original we certainly become curious. The outcome of this highly electrified and multicultural collaboration between DJ Lion, Just Julien and Britta Arnold can now be lionized (pun intended) on the label Harthouse.
The title track “Beeast” is like a ride on a locomotive through a pitch-black night with its rolling bassline, a spooky synth hook and all kinds of musical twists and turns. Thanks to its repetitiveness and unique storytelling this track will make its listeners lose their sense of time and place.
The ride is continued on the B-side with DJ Lion and Just Julien‘s track “Parasite“, which heats up the  boiler and steps it up a notch. Once again a supercharged banger that is made for the night.
Last but not least the two gentlemen are loosing it completely and deliver a drop-dead stunner of a track. “Unsustainable” is a stomping peak time bomb that will take absolutely no prisoners. Wow!

DJ Lion & Just Julien & Britta Arnold - Beeast EP | Teaser

Interview with Britta Arnold, DJ Lion & Just Julien