Apocalyptic yet beautiful Doom soundscapes and songs full of melancholic darkness: October 23rd will see the release of “Emptiness Weighs The Most“, the brand new upcoming full length record by Melodic Doomsters Red Moon Architect. Creating a world full of deep emotion and atmosphere, today the band from Kouvola, Finland, is premiering their brand new music video for the track “Chained“.

Says the band about the song: “Melodic doom elements flirting with straightforward death metal riffs and the gloomy atmosphere Red Moon Architect is known for.”

With already four records released to date, that have been able to reach music fans all over the world beyond genre boundaries, Red Moon Architect are known to create a unique sound of their own.

Pure sweeping, yet crushing and highly atmospheric Melancholic Doom arrangements consolidate with strong melodies, dark growls and beautiful female vocals, crawling directly under your skin.

Red Moon Architect - Chained (Official Music Video)

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More information about the band: Red Moon Architect