Today, Swedish death sludge and black ‘n’ roll trio, The Vice, have unleashed their sophomore, blistering new album via Noble Demon. On “White Teeth Rebellion“, The Vice continue their dark blend of a raw, mean and bleak sound, a hell-ish angst affair between the light and dark, and between life and death. Filthy and powerful yet musical and full of grooves, The Vice know exactly how to turn the knobs and to invade a darker side of your musical soul. “White Teeth Rebellion” is a dark, meanasfuck rock and metal album with the band members hearts on its sleeves.

In support of their new magnum opus, the Stockholm- based collective just shared a new and fierce video clip for the apocalyptic track “Antizeit“.

Says the band: “Head first into the timeless calm. Once all scores has been settled and all circles are closed, there is a new landscape to be drawn. Antizeit stands upon the scorched earth left by the turmoil. All is still and all is clear in this silent night.“

Following the band’s self-titled debut album, several singles and EP releases as well as their captivating live shows across Europe and the UK, The Vice gained the attention from powerhouse label Noble Demon, run by former Nuclear Blast veteran Patrick Walch and UCM.ONE. Their new album, “White Teeth Rebellion“, was recorded with Andreas Bauman at the BAM Studios in Sweden, and will please fans of acts alike Mantar, Ancst, Midnight, Solstafir, Goatwhore, Tribulation or Ghost.

The Vice - Antizeit (Official Music Video)

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