UCM.ONE and Noom Records mourn the death of Thomas Weyer aka Commander Tom, who passed away yesterday at the age of 59 near his birthplace Kehl on the French border near Strasbourg.

Thomas Weyer started deejaying in the mid-80s. His first releases were dance with rap and pop interludes on CBS and Warner. In the 1990s, however, he turned to the rave sound or hard trance with acid interludes. His 1995 single “Are Am Eye?” became a huge hit. His club nights as resident DJ in locations such as the Rheinpark in Germersheim, the OZ in Stuttgart or the Nexus 6 in Schorndorf are still legendary today.

Together with today’s UCM.ONE managing director Joachim Keil, he built up Noom Records. The label was one of the hottest techno brands worldwide. The music on the label was even given its own name by the English: Hoover Sound. Joachim Keil was saddened by the death of Thomas Weyer: “Tom was a loyal companion for many years, with whom I was able to build up the label ‘Noom Records’. In addition, he was also a private person with whom you could ‘steal horses’. Tom, I will miss you …”

Thomas Weyer has been involved in many projects. He worked with Andy Faisst on The Freaquez and Traumatix, among others, and produced “Der Tanzbefehl” with Gregor Dietz and Ray Boyé, which was released by Sony. However, his most successful collaboration was with Ray Boyé, which resulted in the first singles by Commander Tom on Noom Records and the releases of the joint projects Mandela and Nexus 6.

The team of UCM.ONE and Noom Records is in thoughts with his family and friends.

Some memorable titles by Commander Tom:

Commander Tom - Are Am Eye? (Brainstorm Cut) | Noom Records

produced 1995 by Commander Tom and  Ray Boyé, remixed 1997 by Ray Boyé

Commander Tom - Sweet Thang | Noom Records

produced 2002 by Commander Tom

Mandala - The Encore | Noom Records

produced 1993 by Commander Tom and Ray Boyé

Nexus 6 - Très Chic | Noom Records

produced 1994 by Commander Tom and Ray Boyé

Discography (selection):


Commander Tom – Eyes 1997 Noom Records
Andy Trex versus Commander Tom – Pulse Fiction 1998 Noom Records
Commander Tom – Jetlag 2002 Noom Records


Commander Tom – And the Beat Goes on 1987 CBS / Sony Music
Commander Tom – Last Night Rap 1989 Club Culture / Warner Music
Der Tanzbefehl – Der Tanzbefehl 1993 Dance Pool / Sony Music
Mandala – The Encore 1993 Noom Records / UCMG
Nexus 6 – Très Chic 1994 Noom Records / UCMG
Mandala – Astralia 1994 Noom Records / UCMG
Commander Tom – Are Am Eye? 1995 Noom Records / UCMG
Commander Tom – Eye C Red 1996 Noom Records / UCMG
Tom De Lûxe presents Waterhouse – Ma’ Definition of House 1996 Noom Records / UCMG
Commander Tom – Eye Bee M 1997 Noom Records / UCMG
Phantom – Dancefloor 1997 Plastic City Suburbia / UCMG
Commander Tom – Kiss Myself 1998 Noom Records / UCMG
Monkey II 1998 12 Inch Monkeys / UCMG
Phantom – Ready!?! 1998 Phantom Recordings / UCMG
Tom De Lûxe presents Waterhouse – Burning / Is it Right 1998 Noom Records / UCMG
Atahualpa vs. Commander Tom 1999 Progressive Motion Records
Commander Tom vs Marco Düx Baby – The Cow 1999 Noom Records / UCMG
Broth Inc. – Love 1999 Deep Blue Recordings / UCMG
Commander Tom – Are Am Eye? ’99 1999 Noom Records / UCMG
Tom De Lûxe – Doin It Right 2000 UCA Records / UCMG
Commander Tom & Walter Ercolino – Monkey IX 2001 12 Inch Monkeys / UCMG
Commander Tom – Sweet Thang 2002 Noom Records / UCMG
Nexus 6 – Time Chic 2002 Noom Records / UCMG
Chef New Yorker aka Commander Tom – The Vulcan 2003 2003 Bush
Commander Tom – … Next 1000 Years 2003 Noom Records / UCMG
Commander Tom – Attention! 2004 Pulsive
Chef New Yorker aka Commander Tom – Blast 2004 Bush
Commander Tom vs. Oliver Cats – I Can’t Sleep 2006 Pulsive
Tom De Lûxe – Toyz 2009 Elektrax Progressive
Sakin Bozkurt & Commander Tom – Fear The Walking Dead 2019 Clone 2.1 Records
Nexus 6 – Ab Chic 2021 Noom Records / UCM.ONE
Commander Tom – Are Am Eye? (Roger Shah & Cores Remix) 2022 Noom Records / UCM.ONE

More information about the label: Noom Records