Two weeks after the theatrical release of “Heikos World”, the Berlin comedy is approaching 10,000 viewers. In the German cinema weekend charts, the feature film ranks 7th in terms of viewers per copy. After the cartoon “Die Olchis“, “Heikos World” by Dominik Galizia is the second most successful German production in this chart category. With meanwhile 31 locations, the film has an impressive average audience of 270 visitors per cinema two weeks after the start.

In Berlin, the cinema Babylon celebrates its successful theatrical launch on Friday, after numerous sold-out performances in its cinema halls, with triple programming on the big screen in Hall 1. In week 4, the Cologne Cinedom joins the venues of “Heiko’s World“.

The film tells the story of Heiko, who wants to save his mother’s sight with beer and darts.


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The film has been showing in the following cinemas since May 26, 2022:

Bamberg: Lichtspiel (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Berlin: Babylon Mitte (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
City Kino Wedding (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Filmrauschpalast (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Ladenkino (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Sputnik (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Braunschweig: Universum Filmtheater (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Dresden: Die Schauburg (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Programmkino Ost (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Hamburg: Elbe Kinos (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Studio Kino (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Jena: Kino am Markt (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Karlsruhe: Schauburg (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Kiel: Studio Filmtheater am Dreiecksplatz (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)

Cineplex (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Luru Kino (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Magdeburg: Moritzhof (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Mannheim: Kino im Quadrat (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
München: Neues Maxim (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Münster: Kurbelkiste / Cinema (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Oldenburg: Cine K (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Rostock:  Wundervoll (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Trier Broadway (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Mephisto (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Wiesbaden: Caligari (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)

As of June 02, 2022, the film is also showing in the following cinemas:

Augsburg: Liliom (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Dortmund: Schauburg (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Hamburg: Blankeneser Kino (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Koki (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Stuttgart: Delphi (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)

As of June 09, 2022, the film is showing in the following cinemas as well:

Halle/Saale : Puschkino (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)
Kassel: Filmladen (Tickets für “Heikos Welt“)

Merchandise for the film

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Press quotes

“‘Heiko’s World’ is an affectionate, wonderful millieu study with plenty of Berlin snark. This dart hits the heart.” (Bayerischer Rundfunk)

“A delightful experience. One is completely enveloped by this film.” (Kino Zeit)

“[Heiko] is a charismatic identification figure, and the film shows in gently overwrought social realism a world that hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years, and in which there is still a belief in the victory of good and in love.” (Indie Cinema)

“A drama with Berlin snark and a lot of heart. Wonderful!” (3sat)

“Authentic, heartwarming cinematic experience.” (rbb television)

“The performance is like a concert: the fans cheer for Heiko, cheer for his hits and boo his opponents. At the end there are “Heiko” chants and standing ovations. […] The film is a touching homage to the quirky characters at the bar and to a Wedding that should remain as it is.” (TAZ)

“‘Heiko’s World’ is an unusual film in many ways and lead actor Martin Rohde is the primus inter pares of a wonderful ensemble.” (Jury Filmfest München)

“Not a film, but an experience!” (arteschock)

“A gem in the German cinema mishmash, which is remarkably self-confidently staged with heart and soul” (Filmdienst)

“‘Heiko’s World’: from Weddinger pub unique to cult cinema star!” (tag 24)

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More information about the film label: Darling Berlin