The compilations “Harthouse Retrospective (Destination Mannheim)” and “Harthouse Retrospective (Destination Berlin)” highlight the years of the Harthouse label when it was acting out of Mannheim (2004 – 2016) as well as the years so far since Harthouse has been based in Berlin (2017 – 2022).

In the 30th year of Harthouse‘s existence, the two compilations thus tie in with the already legendary “Harthouse Retrospective“, which at the end of the 90s in a 4xCD box as well as in the framework of four vinyl albums (Part 1 to Part 4) with 3 LPs per part above all recalled the time in which the label was based in Frankfurt am Main (more precisely in Offenbach near Frankfurt am Main).

The tracks and remixes on the two compilations come from Zoo Brazil, Alexi Delano, Jesper Dählbäck, Groove Rebels, Joey Beltram, Stanny Franssen, Braincell, Ken Ishii, Tigerskin, Mikael Jonasson, Steve Lawler, David PherTransform, DJ Lion, Just Julien, Britta ArnoldSmilla, Frank De Wulf, CJ Bolland, Sikora, Tom Wax, Marco Zaffarano, Andy Lupoli, Rico Puestel, Breitenstein, ExtraweltDer Dritte Raum.and of course Boris Brejcha.

Parallel to the digital releases, both compilations will also be pressed in strictly limited editions of 250 pieces in orange and turquoise vinyl (3x180g) with black splatter.

Harthouse Retrospective (Destination Mannheim)

(Strictly limited to 250 copies 3xLP Splattered Vinyl)



A1. Zoo Brazil – Crash [06.16]
A2. Alexi Delano presents A.D. 1010 – Space for Bass (Jesper Dahlbäck Remix) [5:19]

B1. Groove Rebels – Timothy L [07:16]
B2. Joel Mull – Sleepless [08:33]

C1. Joey Beltram – Shaking Trees [07:16]
C2. Stanny Franssen – Black Isn’t Everything [07:16]

D1. Braincell – Absorb [06:42]
D2. Ken Ishii – The Bounder [06:37]

E1. Boris Brejcha – Lost Memory [07:43]
E2. Tigerskin – Capsule [07:50]

F1. Mikael Jonasson – Rimfrost [06:49]
F2. Steve Lawler – Almeria (David Pher Remix) [07:14]

Harthouse Retrospective (Destination Berlin)

(Strictly limited to 250 copies 3xLP Splattered Viny)



A1. Transform – Transform (Club Mix) [06.09]
A2. DJ Lion, Just Julien, Britta Arnold – Beeast [6:36]

B1. Boris Brejcha – Distortion Is Nothing [09:31]
B2. Smilla – Play (Worakls Remix) [06:33]

C1. Frank De Wulf – Dallol [09:29]
C2. CJ Bolland – Fire [04:25]

D1. Sikora – Freedom (Tom Wax Remix) [06:59]
D2. Marco Zaffarano & Andy Lupoli – Darkness [07:02]

E1. Rico Puestel – Cedes [06:36]
E2. Co-Fusion – Fourth Ray [05:59]

F1. Breitenstein – Sand [08:47]
F2. Der Dritte Raum – Pictureoftheday (Extrawelt’s Stutter Shock Remix) [04:31]

The vinyls can be bought at Bandcamp, Decks Records and in our Shop and are available for immediate delivery, if they are not sold out yet.

Harthouse Retrospective - Destination Mannheim (Harthouse) I Teaser

Harthouse Retrospective - Destination Berlin (Harthouse) I Teaser

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