The second film at the Darling, Berlin! Berlin, Sayang! Berlin, Teerak! online festival is “Swimming” (German title: “Schwimmen“) by Luzie Loose. “Swimming” tells the story of Elisa and Anthea, two very different girls, whose friendship gives them support and orientation during a difficult phase in their lives. They become best friends and develop a game in which they capture everything they do with their cell phone cameras. They soon got the idea of turning the camera around and secretly filming their classmates who killed Elisa earlier. A destructive dynamic develops from their close friendship, which becomes threatening for anyone who gets in the way of the two. The girls turn from victims to perpetrators.

Elisa and Anthea belong to the first generation who grew up with the Internet, digital images and self-expression on the internet. We watch them develop a bizarre friendship, how they play, look for adventure and push boundaries in the process. To actively participate in the flood of images that determine our everyday life today is essential for the girls.Therefore, their cell phone videos are included in our film. The mix of materials creates an individual style – subjective, full of omissions and changes of perspective, close and unpolished.

Swimming | Trailer (German) [with English subtitles] ᴴᴰ

Darling, Berlin! Berlin Sayang! Berlin, Teerak! | Festival Trailer

The following film can only be seen from December 8th – December 27th, 2020 in Indonesia, Thailand (from 7:00 p.m.) and Malaysia (from 8:00 p.m.) as part of the festival:

Schwimmen | Ganzer Film (deutsch) [with English subtitles] ᴴᴰ | Ab 08.12.2020, 19 Uhr

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More information about the film: Swimming