At the final of the online festival Darling, Berlin! Berlin, Sayang! Berlin, Teerak! the film “Luca tanzt leise” (English title: “Dancing Quietly“) by Philipp Eichholtz is shown. The focus of the film is Luca, who wants to graduate from high school after dark years of depression. Her little dog Mata helps her to find motivation and joie de vivre. So that it does not fail to math, Luca concludes a deal with Kurt: English against math. He becomes a reliable friend, even if it gets really bad for Luca. When will it actually succeed, this “life”? If you understand math and get the Abi? If you know how to get sick leave to postpone the exams? If you find the right guy who loves you and wants you – and who is not an asshole?

Luca tanzt leise | Trailer (German) [with English subtitles] ᴴᴰ

Darling, Berlin! Berlin Sayang! Berlin, Teerak! | Festival Trailer

The following film can only be seen from December 18th – December 27th, 2020 in Indonesia, Thailand (from 7:00 p.m.) and Malaysia (from 8:00 p.m.) as part of the festival:

Luca tanzt leise | Ganzer Film (deutsch) [with English subtitles] ᴴᴰ | Ab 18.12.2020, 19 Uhr

More information about the festival and the program:  Darling, Berlin! Berlin, Sayang! Berlin, Teerak!

More information about the film: Luca tanzt leise