Since 1993 the producers and artists of Noom Records have been traveling through our solar system and sending new musical impressions back to earth again and again. Noom Records is currently in the orbit of the fourth planet in the solar system, counted from the sun, and the outer neighbor of the earth. This time seems appropriate to release the new compilation “Trip to Mars (Exploring the Red Planet)“.

Logically, Commander Tom also begins this compilation with the title “Trip to Mars“, followed by many other titles by well-known Noom artists such as Nuclear Hyde, Cores, Nostrum, Mandala, Jim Clarke etc.

About the label Noom Records:

“Noom Records was one of the most successful and influential techno, trance and acid labels in the 1990s.” So it can be read on Wikipedia in Germany. This description is probably not exaggerated, as Noom Records stood for several trends such as”Hardtrance”, “Acid-Trance”, “Acid” and “Techno”. In England and somewhat later in the USA, Noom Records also triggered the “Hoover Sound Hype”, which in turn influenced labels such as Prolekult Records (UK) and Bonzai Records (Belgium). The biggest hit on the label to this day is the title “Commander Tom – Are Am Eye?“, Which had chart successes worldwide and sold well over 200,000 vinyl maxi singles alone. But titles by artists such as Mandala, Nexus 6, Cores, Traumatic, Jim Clarke and Nuclear Hyde were not missing from any record box worldwide.

Looking back, one can certainly say that one of the secrets of the label’s success at the beginning was that the “Noom sound”, as it was called back then, was found in both “trend clubs” and Sven Väth‘s “Omen” in Frankfurt and in others hippest clubs in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan and New York ran up and down, but at the same time it was omnipresent in places like the “Dorian Gray” in Frankfurt Airport or the large discos emerging at the time.


01. Commander Tom – Trip to Mars
02. Nuclear Hyde – Triple-A
03. Cores – Ice Rain
04. Jim Clarke – Smoking Drums (Confusion Remix)
05. Twisted – Anatronic
06. Nostradamus – Injection
07. Chris Liberator & Dave the Drummer – Beats Rockin’
08. Mandala – Evolution (Commander Club Dub)
09. Nuclear Hyde – Osmosis
10. Instant Zen  Love Dove
11. Tandú  – Tribal Edit
12. Plex – The Future (UK Remix)
13. Tom de Lŭxe presents Waterhouse – Is it Right

14. Traumatic – Leloopa
15. Cores s. Robyn – Photon
16. Commander Tom – Are am Eye? (Yves de Ruyter Single Mix)
17. OP – Boneshaka (Martinez Mix)
18. Headhunter The Flow
19. Optimus Delete the Weak
20. McKay – Beginnings
21. Nostrum – Tone
22. Lost in Case Eathquake
23. Commander Tom – Eye Bee M (Barcelona Remix)
24. Cores & Vernes The Game
25. T&T – Androgyn

More information about the label: Noom Records