Shall we now seriously explain the electron momentum dynamics? Just listen to Jürgen Kaisr, who sums up the formula musically in 5:19 minutes. You quickly get an idea of how such an electron starts to oscillate. How the beat pushes the particle and the sound makes it vibrate.

Jürgen Kaisr‘s new EP “Elektronenschwungdynamik” (English: “Electronic Swing Dynamics” spreads a portion of “Stardust and Glitter” before it comes to the musical physics lesson on the title track.

And if you didn’t pay attention or didn’t keep up, you’ll get a tutoring lesson on the third track; The” Elektronenschwungdynamik” is explained again in the “Tonton Moelleux” remix.

Jürgen Kaisr - Elektronenschwungdynamik (Teaser) | Plastic City

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