“It’s the pure truth”: Together, Nico Dacido alias Robotnico and Malte Feiler as “Pyrate” provided powerful “Wumms” and released “Bycance” the most successful title of the young label VooDoo Records. The vinyl “The First Voyage E. P.”, with “Bycance” in the original mix on the A side, was first released in 1994 as VooDoo 002-6.

After more than a quarter of a century, the pirate ship has reappeared and has lost none of its power. Now VooDoo Records is finally releasing the original, “Pyrate – The First Voyage E. P”. with the three tracks “Bycance”, “Mythos 5” and “The Voodoo Ryde” into digital channels.

Bycance” – with the characteristic German vocal sample „Es ist die reine Wahrheit“ (English translation: “It’s the pure truth”) – was represented in the DJ charts all over Europe and was thus part of the soundtrack on Mayday, Love Parade & Co. The track was used in TV productions such as ARD documentaries and TV trailers and is one of the unofficial anthems of some European clubs in the Techno History.
After the Original E. P. several releases followed with successful remixes. The track was licensed to over 25 major compilations, including “Trance Nation”, “Rave Now”, “Trancemaster” and “Nature One – Best Of 20 Years” – and was then reproduced in six-digit volumes on CDs. On YouTube, “Bycance”, distributed on various uploads, has so far brought it to over 750,000 views. Despite all this, the track has never lost its underground feeling.

The „pirates“: Nico Dacido alias Robotnico and Malte Feiler

The two have known each other since the early 90s, when Malte was a regular guest at Nico’s Underground Vinyl Store “Magic Records”. Nico appeared at the Love Parade Berlin, Street Parade, Nature One and SMS at the turntables, as well as in many national and international clubs. As a producer, he can look back on countless releases, especially “Robotnico – Backtired” with over 80,000 units sold and a direct entry into the official sales charts. With his projects “Gatorades” and “Houspimps” he shaped the Rhein-Main techno sound of the early 90s, with “Mosquito Headz” he placed a successful act on Superstar Recordings. Nico was a welcome guest in the media from BRAVO to GIGA TV.
Malte’s discography shines with projects such as Velvet Cycle on Illuminate Records (Drizzly Records), Massai (sublabel of 23 Records Frankfurt), MicrocutMirage” as well as “Phorum”, another successful VooDoo Records act and a large number of licenses for compilations. He has also composed soundscapes for art installations and has recently been involved in the development of audiologos for companies as well as soundtracks for TV commercials.
“For a long time, the archive of the most important master tapes was on the hat shelf of the Nicos 3 Series BMW. There they matured in the sun, of course without labels”, laughs Malte Feiler“What a feeling of happiness when we discovered that the Pyrate Master of all people survived the times unscathed.”
“We have now digitally transmitted the tape in sonamedic Studio and then re-mastered it in my studio”, explains Nico Dacido. “Thanks to this, we can now finally offer the original recording on Spotify and Co…”

Pyrate - Bycance | VooDoo Records

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