Especially for Halloween, CiNENET Germany will find the special playlist “Halloween 2021 Horror Special” with gruesome and bloody films. Have fun with the creeps!

In this year’s Halloween 2021 | ‘Trick or Treat’ Horror Special Playlist features over 40 full-length films. Also included are the following horror stories, which you can watch in Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

Dolls - Schau hin oder stirb (2019)

The children’s book author Robert Holbrook (Thomas Downey), who is struggling with his alcohol addiction and his professional future, and his rebellious daughter Sammey (Trinity Simspon) move into the abandoned house of his recently deceased mother. While setting up the house, they discover three mysterious porcelain dolls in the attic. It is only when a strange neighbor (Dee Wallace) repeatedly warns them about the dolls that they realize that these dolls seem to develop a strange life of their own. When the dolls suddenly appear in various places in the house, a struggle for survival begins, because the demonic dolls have a sinister and deadly past …

Die Präsenz (2014)

The anthropology student Markus deals with popular superstition and the poltergeist phenomenon during his studies. When his friend Lukas hears about a remote castle that is supposed to be haunted, Markus wants to take the chance to record something paranormal – they decide to spend a week of the upcoming vacation there. His girlfriend Rebecca is only revealed when the three of them are already on their way. The students gain unauthorized access to the gloomy moated castle and set up for the night. What seems like fun at first, however, soon becomes bloody serious: Something demonic seems to be going on in the castle, and events are spiraling out of control. The film, shot in found footage style, shows the fatal events of the coming days and nights.

Totentanz der Vampire (1971)

Scotland Yard’s Inspector Holloway investigates the mysterious disappearance of a horror movie actor. He travels to a small town and meets with the local police officer and the landlord of the house where the actor lived. The two tell him four horrific short stories about the previous tenants. 1. A writer (Denholm Elliot) is exposed to the increasing threat from a serial killer figure he has created. 2. Two friends (Peter Cushing, Neville Rogers) find figures in a wax museum that look like their wives. 3. The businessman Reid (Christopher Lee) hires the widow Ann Norton as nanny and teacher for his daughter Jane. Jane never gets toys though … 4. The aging horror star Henderson (Jon Pertwee) buys an old vampire cloak that seems to have some very unsettling effects on its wearer … “

III - Das Ritual (2016)

As a mysterious deadly epidemic erupts that devastates a rural village in Europe, sisters Ayia and Mirra promise their dying mother that they will look after each other for the rest of their lives. When the younger sister Mirra also threatens to become a victim of the epidemic, the desperate Ayia realizes that conventional medicine will not be able to save her sister. At the local priest’s house, Ayia discovers a collection of shamanic books containing a series of mystical drawings that she deciphered as instructions for a spiritual healing ritual that she believed would save her sister. Shaman’s healing also requires total penetration into the patient’s consciousness, a journey into the deepest and most hidden depths of the subconscious, where terrifying monsters and demons dwell.

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