The track “Echodeltaalfaxray” delivers techno that is definitely strongly inspired by the classic disco sound and 80s synth pop. The lassi adlips are strongly reminiscent of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love“. In the AKA AKA remix of “Echodeltaalfaxray“, the retro charm is less in the foreground than the danceable beat, which is clearly more contemporary. AKA AKA at its best. The original track can also be found on the current album “Kommit“.

Andreas Krüger is the man behind Der Dritte Raum‘s most stirring electronic music in the last 25 years. But he prefers not to talk about himself. “The least important thing in everything I do is myself,” he says. “It’s about the music”. But of course there would be no music – no epic hymns like “Hale Bopp” or transcendent melodies like “Electric Friends” without his creativity, vision and technical virtuosity, honed by a lifelong fascination with sound.

"Der Dritte Raum - Echodeltaalfaxray" (Harthouse) | Teaser

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