What began as a harmless taxi ride for Harris and Penny suddenly turns into a mysterious journey through infinity that will change their lives forever! Brilliant, mysterious entertainment cinema, like a mixture of “Twilight Zone” and “Groundhog Day“, which also has the ingenuity of the cult film “Donnie Darko“. A real treat for movie buffs!

As of today, the American indie film “The Fare” by D.C. Hamilton, which was previously released in cinemas via UCM.ONE, is available on Blu-Ray and DVD via the Artkeim² film label in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Harris, tired of life, drives his old-fashioned cab through a barren, deserted landscape. Only the voice of his boss, who keeps calling him on the radio, keeps him company. When he gets the order to pick up a passenger, the enchanting Penny gets into his cab. A flirtation begins between the two of them, but ends when she has arrived at her destination and gets out. However, when Harris puts his meter back, he is suddenly transported back to the moment she got in with him, and the ride begins all over again. Harris and Penny find themselves trapped in a time loop and try to solve this mystery.

During the seemingly never-ending journey on a lonely track, secrets are revealed, truths come to light and Harris’ life is irrevocably changed.

Selected comments about the film: 

Hamilton manages to get surprisingly much out of his limited resources. In the process, The Fare takes a few really surprising turns and heads for a weird ending that one truly could not have foreseen. Sometimes you don’t need a big budget – a few wacky ideas are enough.” (Weser Kurier)

“A cab, a passenger and a time loop – that’s all director D.C. Hamilton needs to entertain his audience. An amazingly accomplished and surprising genre variation. Despite only a few changes of setting and a calm editing rhythm, the whole thing seems dynamic. It’s the mix that does it! In the combination shown here, this constellation is quite convincing for 82 minutes of flying time, and in the Internet age of short attention spans and infinite alternation waiting behind each click, The Fare offers a lesson in deceleration.” (kino-zeit.de)

“The marmot greets in the cab. This little indie film makes the most of its mini-budget and tells a romantic-mystical version of the proven “And daily the marmot greets in the cab” formula.” (cinema.de)

The Fare is a mysterious, romantic thriller that combines elements of Rod Sterling‘s The Twilight Zone and Groundhog Day.” [thewunderland.com]

“The interaction between the two lonely souls [is] so charming, sometimes even funny, that you completely forget that there is still a mystery to be solved somewhere. This unusual mixture of genres [is] a real insider tip, which should be given a chance. The Fare takes the popular time loop principle and combines mystery and light thriller borrowings with a love story. The mix is unusual, but coherent: Especially the duo’s interplay is so successful that some minor weaknesses are hardly noticeable.” (Film-rezensionen.de)

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