Something big is ahead and it’s coming closer. Swiss mega talent Youen has composed and produced the album “Sugar Space” that will knock your socks off. But before we can listen to the full story we’ll have to be satisfied with this little extract for now. However Youen’s single “Solstice” is more than just a foretaste. It’s an inherently consistent musical quick trip that demonstrates Youen knack for making captivating and affirmative music.

Despite Solstice‘s peaceful and laid-back vibe it doesn’t lack drive at all. In his tracks Youen manages to build a massively grooving foundation to which he then adds a positive and atmospheric story that has this huuuge feelgood factor!

The B-side “Simple Minds” has just the same light-footed, airy charm which makes it incredibly danceable and infectious. What an introduction! We’re looking forward to the full album.