Today UCM.ONE releases the movie “Survive!” (German title: “Überleben“) by René Cardona in Germany on the label M-Square Classics, including the completely remastered theatrical version in HD and the 22-minute longer original version in SD as a limited edition Mediabook with Blu-Ray and DVD plus a 16-page booklet.

The cinema version will also be available on download portals and streaming services. This film is the well-known and shocking original classic that tells of the struggle for survival of a young rugby team following the crash of the Fuerza Aérea-Uruguaya flight 571 in the Andes.


In October 1972, a plane carrying a young Uruguay rugby team crashed in the Andes. In the crash, some of the passengers lost their lives, as did the pilots of the aircraft. Although the search for the wreckage of the plane at 3,800 meters altitude is underway, the hope of the survivors disappears day by day. When food gets scarce and an avalanche buries the wreck, they face a difficult decision: should they eat the frozen bodies of the dead in order to survive?

Flight 571 – Survival in the Ice Hell

Just as the sea is a merciless water desert, so the dry land is not always a blooming paradise like Selkirk’s island once was, because on 13 October 1972 the incredible struggle for survival of the rugby team of the Old Christian’s Club from Uruguay began when their plane with flight number 571 crashed  in the ice hell of the Andes. 72 days were to pass before they were rescued, and they were forced to break the biggest of all taboos, although this decision was by no means taken lightly.

Already during and immediately after the crash, 12 of the 45 people on board died, five others did not survive the first night and the remaining 28 were confronted with an unprecedented extreme situation: During the night the temperatures dropped to -40 degrees Celsius, the hull of the crashed machine and the clothes of the survivors offered hardly any protection against the cold and the few supplies of chocolate, biscuits and wine were used up within a very short time. There was also no flora or fauna in the surrounding area, the machine was about 3,800 metres above sea level.

On the eighth day after the crash, the survivors heard on a small radio that the search had been abandoned and they were declared dead. The situation became increasingly critical, all hope seemed lost and the bodies of deceased friends and relatives preserved in the snow were the only available source of food. The group initially refrained from eating the body of a loved one, deterred and disgusted, but soon hunger, the will to survive, and rationality were stronger: “We finally came to the decision that if any of us died, the others would not only have the opportunity, but even the duty, to eat him,” one of the survivors said in retrospect in an interview. The survivors did so strategically and thoughtfully. Nutrient-rich body parts and organs were eaten first, the rich bone marrow was consumed, stocks and “menus” were established.

Finally, on the sixtieth day, a group of the three strongest survivors set out to seek help. They also took the meat of their dead friends with them as provisions. Socks served them as containers. After almost two weeks they had done the impossible and climbed the mountains. The rescue mission started on 22 December and finally, on 23 December 1972, 16 people were rescued.

Equipment and technical data of the Mediabook

Theatrical version re-sampled in HD on Blu-Ray for the first time, as well as the uncut 22-minute extended version on DVD (non-synchronized scenes are subtitled), 16-page booklet with original photos and background information | Aspect Ratio Blu-Ray: widescreen 1.85: 1 (HD 100P; Aspect Ratio DVD: Full Screen 1.37: 1 | Blu-Ray 85 Min. Blu-Ray DVD 107 Min | Sound Formats Blu-Ray: German DTS-HDMA 2.0, Spanish DTS-HDMA 2.0 Sound formats DVD: German Dolby Digital 2.0, Spanish Dolby Digital 2.0 | FSK 16

Press Reviews & Quotes

Survive is reduced to the story, which is hard and shocking.” (

“Director René Cardona just shows the struggle for survival.” (

“Director René Cardona, with his surprisingly balanced and serious Survive, has delivered a remarkably convincing contribution to the catastrophe film.” (

“Although a low-budget Mexican movie, this is a serious movie drama.” (

“The right movie for the 70s, a mix of disaster drama and horror movie.” (

Survive is a cheap and lurid adaptation, a frightening real-life drama” (

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