UCM.ONE released the film “The Warrior and the Sorceress” (German: “Der Krieger und die Hexe“) in a limited media book on the label M-Square Classics for the first time in Germany in the uncut version. Non-synchronized scenes were subtitled in German. The storyline is clearly inspired by films such as Sergio Leone‘s “For a Few Dollars More” (Italy, Spain 1964) and Akira Kurosawa‘s “Yojimbo” (Japan 1961), but has been moved to a fictional planet. The film was co-produced by Oscar-winning director and film producer Roger Corman (“Frankenstein’s Death Race”, “The Fist of the Rebels“).


The swordsman Cain (David Carradine) was once a warrior of a holy order, but after its downfall he hired himself out as a mercenary in the vastness of the planet Ura. The desert village of Yamatar is the perfect place for him, as two warlords fight over the only well far and wide. Cain learns that the last survivor of his former order lives in the city and one of the warlords, Zeg, whose daughter Naja (Maria Socas) is imprisoned because of her magical powers. He decides to free Naja in order to gain possession of the magical sword of Yura, which only Naja can summon and which is said to give its owner infinite power. But for his plan to succeed, he first has to find a way to play the two enemy parties against each other…

The Warrior and the Sorceress | Trailer (German)

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