The movie “Nico” by Eline Gehring was awarded prizes at four festivals last week: At the Braunschweig International Film Festival, Sara Fazilat won the Braunschweig Film Award for Best Young Actor. Here is an excerpt from the jury’s statement:

“With a power that captivates us and with your presence, you, Sara Fazilat, convince us in every phase of the often documentary-like drama in your portrayal of Nico. You truly show the title character in all emotional facets: Beginning with a light-hearted cheerfulness, loving caring, later in pain, pressing helplessness and a generously insightful vulnerability, in her unbridled desire for justice. The unconditional determination with which you defend your character Nico in martial arts training, indeed merge with her, overwhelmed us and convinced us of your full emotional and physical commitment to the role.”

At the Biberach Film Festival “Nico” was awarded the Debüt-Biber as best debut film. The jury commented (excerpt):

“Nico” blew us away, especially because of its eponymous main character […] who wants to overcome her trauma by learning karate, who – literally – fights her way back into life. Who reclaims her dignity and her comfort zone without compromise.

NICO is a total work of art, [on the one hand because of] the direction of Eline Gehring, who has boldly directed her feature-length debut with a precise sense of observation, giving the film an incredible force. […]. There is [on the other hand] the script by Sara Fazilat, Francy Fabritz and Eline Gehring: with complex characters, truthful dialogue and a fine sense of humour. “Nico” always retains a lightness in its seriousness. [And finally,] there is Francy Fabritz’s camera, which is close to the characters and captures their story in an unadorned, almost documentary-like way. […] [“Nico”] shows how modern, diverse storytelling can be done – because it doesn’t reduce Nico’s story to diversity, but makes it a matter of course.”

At the FILMZ Festival of German Cinema in Mainz, “Nico” won the feature-length film competition awarded by the audience, and in Radstadt in Austria it won the “prize of the youth jury“. The Radstadt jury’s reasoning:

“For us young people, this film had the strongest connection to reality. Everyday racism and discrimination are a relevant topic in our society, as anyone can be affected. We were impressed by the change of perspective in the camera work as well as the sensitive portrayal of the protagonist.”

Nico | Trailer (deutsch) [mit englischen Untertiteln] ᴴᴰ

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