Boris Brejcha – Feuerfalter (Part 02)

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Artist: Boris Brejcha

Label: Harthouse

Type: Music (Album)

Genres: Techno, Minimal

Years: 2014 & 2021

Formats: Divers


Music is as colorful, diverse and alive as butterflies. There are almost 180,000 different species in 127 families. The music of Boris Brejcha is like a “fire butterfly”. On the one hand, the butterfly can let itself be carried relaxed by the wind, but on the other hand, it sets off on a dive or low flight with steam and fire. This is how it feels when Boris Brejcha makes music. The second part of the fourth album “Feuerfalter (Part 2)” is exactly such a description of this fire-fall – a kind of review of the impressive career of Boris Brejcha. “Feuerfalter” is an album in two parts, which consciously shows how versatile the artist works. Sometimes lightly floating, sometimes wildly flapping his wings, yet always full of passion. The influences of his travels and performances keep shaping his art.

The result is music that can accompany his listeners throughout the day: At home, in a relaxed atmosphere or even at night when it goes through the clubs. Thereby his tracks sound diverse. The individuality is turned even further on “Feuerfalter (Part 2)“. Brejcha even takes up the wish of his fans to weave a few quieter tracks into his cosmos.

The album is also available as a double CD: Feuerfalter (Part 02) [Deluxe Edition]

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Artist: Boris Brejcha
Label: Harthouse
℗ 2014 Harthouse Mannheim / daredo, © 2021 Harthouse / UCM.ONE

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Tracklisting (CD)

01. Puki (07:12)
02. Anthurie (07:27)
03. Prisma (07:50)
04: Spacecraft To Mars (09:46)
05. Push It (09:15)
06. Vampire (08:44)
07. Lonely Planet (09:13)
08. Purple Noise (09:00)
09. In Memory of Love (07:12)

Tracklisting (Vinyl)

A1. Puki (07:12)
A2. Anthurie (07:27)
A3. Prisma (07:50)

B1: Spacecraft To Mars (09:46)
B2. Push It (09:15)

C1. Vampire (08:44)
C2. Lonely Planet (09:13)

D1. Purple Noise (09:00)
D2. In Memory of Love (07:12)

Feuerfalter (Part 02) DJ Mix [Video]

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