Boris Brejcha – Die Maschinen kontrollieren uns

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Artist: Boris Brejcha

Label: Harthouse

Type: Music (Album)

Genres: Techno, Minimal

Years: 2007 & 2021

Formats: Divers


Boris Brejcha‘s album “Die Maschinen kontrollieren uns” (English translation: “The Machines Control Us“) is a very special album. Because it is an album which, at the same time as Boris Brejcha‘s first album “Die Maschinen sind gestrandet” (English translation: “The machines are stranded“), was offered in a limited edition exclusively as a CD via the humpty mail order at the time. The albums differ in their artwork and a few different titles and mixes.

His first unthinkable digital releases quickly topped multiple online charts and after being affiliated with Harthouse, he released two digital singles that made a huge impact on the European electronics scene. In fact, the name Boris Brejcha can be found in the playlists of the most famous DJs – and has been since the release of his first album „Die Maschinen sind gestrandet“ on the German label Harthouse.

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Artist: Boris Brejcha
Label: Harthouse
℗ 2007 Harthouse Mannheim / daredo, © 2021 Harthouse / UCM.ONE

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Tracklisting (CD)

01. Wellenreiter (07:45)
02. Brainstopper (06:42)
03. Das Model (06:34)
04. Die Maschinen kontrollieren uns (06:55)
05. Schlachtfest (06:48)
06. Die Maschinen snd gestrandet [Second Edition] (06:51)
07. Outer Space (07:58)
08. Ich zeige es Euch (06:53)
09. White Snake (6:52)
10. Lustgrotte (07:05)
11. Wir leben! (07:06)

Tracklisting (Vinyl)

A1. Wellenreiter (07:45)
A2. Brainstopper (06:42)
A3. Das Model (06:34)

B1. Die Maschinen kontrollieren uns (06:55)
B2. Schlachtfest (06:48)
B3. Die Maschinen sind gestrandet [Second Edition] (06:51)

C1. Outer Space (07:58)
C2. Ich zeige es Euch (06:53)
C3. White Snake (6:52)

D1. Die Lustgrotte (07:05)
D2. Wir leben! (07:06)
D3. Wellenreiter [2.0] (07:21)

E1. Arche Noah (06:55)
E2. Quatsche Entchen (06:35)

F1. Filterbank (06:26)
F2. Lothringen (06:28)

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