Self-taught in the field of music production, DJ, label boss and Globetrotter … We could continue the list arbitrarily. Humantronic is the perfect embodiment of a music producer who grew up with the sound of the 90s and was successfully involved in it and beyond. We are happy that he finally makes his debut on Harthouse with his “Panic Rush EP“.

The A-side ‘Panic Rush‘ is a story-telling techno beauty due to its captivating mood, its creaking bass and forward pushing beat. With ‘Invado‘ Humantronic raises the dynamics. Thrilling from the start, we are taken on a speedy rollercoaster ride through the world of underground that spits us out soaked in sweat. The EP is finished off by Humantronic’s own ‘Conspiracy Mix‘ of ‘Panic Rush‘ which demonstrates the artist’s understanding of music and his versatility. 

Truly made for the floor, this EP is a hell of a ride that you guys are invited to.

Humantronic - Panic Rush EP (Harthouse) Teaser

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Available from October 18, 2019 at Beatport. Worldwide start on all further download and streaming portals is the 01. November 2019.