Co-Fusion‘s second single “Fourth Ray“, released today on the German Harthouse label, is also part of the new album “CO-Fu3.0“. The track sets the bar really high for the anticipated album, which will be released on 20 December. The Japanese duo DJ Wada and Heigo Tani have been DJs since the 80s and produced numerous techno tracks from the 90s onwards. In 1994, their debut works “Plus one“, “Love to heart” and “Hana” were released under the project name ATOM on the tech-house label Plastic City.

Co-Fusion are especially notorious for their hybrid DJ / Live sets that have brought them around the world. Improvisations with turntables and various technical gadgets. After 10 years of silence they allied with a young up-and-coming artist named TOIZA71 for a large new chapter in their discography.
Co-Fu 3.0″ is the name of their third album with 12 new tracks, which with “iStart” thunder away from the first bar. Hard beats, creaky sounds and a powerful tempo raise the alarm until you drop. The Japanese pour a large barrel of adrenaline onto the dance floor. A thunderstorm of ideas, a storm that blows you away and lightning bolts that keep hitting your ears. In 2021, techno can still be fresh and exciting. DJ Wada, Heigo Tani and TOIZA71 stir up the scene. The 1st Single “Forwarding” will be out on November the 26th and leads the path perfectly for “Co-Fu3.0” which will be out on December the 20th.

Co-Fusion - Fourth Ray (Harthouse) | Teaser

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